Italian nursery can refuse unrestricted children


It is necessary for Italian children to be immunized against diseases such as curse, measles, childhood paralysis, knee and rubella. Photo: EPA

The Italian government passed a compulsory vaccine law on the grounds of a general reduction in child rape and measles diseases in 2017. By law, children should be immunized against a range of diseases, • varicella, paralysis, measles, measles and rubella before entering the secondary school or school. .

In this year's school year, the children were no longer recorded but by their parents' enthusiasm for the imminent vaccination. The last date has now passed: children with no qualifications should no longer be admitted to nursery, as school children continue to attend classes. But parents are both at risk of up to 500 euro, reciting the narrator RTV Slovenia Janko Petrovec.

Minister for Health: "There is no vaccine, no school"

Italian Minister for Health Giula Grillo He told him La Repubblica that "everyone had time to comply with the legislation"and states that the rules are simple:" tThere is no vaccine, no school".

A health minister is a member of the party giving the five-star motion which judged vaccines before they joined the government, and its agents, supporting people to introduce theories of adverse effects of a vaccine. .

The measles disease has not yet remained in Italy. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there were nearly a quarter of all cases of Europe in Italy. On Monday, the Italian Ministry of Health told that 94 per cent, now very close to the 95 per cent WHO waiting list, had a number of children born in 2015 now. to prevent the spread of pandemic.

In Bologna and Liguria, children are already excluded

Lack of information, in Bologna, saw around 300 children from 8,000 registered temporarily excluded from nurseries. A vaccine vaccine is also not properly managed by 5,000 children under the age of 16. Around 1,600 children were excluded from Italy's division of Liguria. In some cases, the date for the introduction of the certificate has been extended further.

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