Italian statistics have demonstrated EU concerns


The figures are against the level of growth that the government expects.

November 21, 2018 at 11:11 m

Rome. The Italian statistical office, replicating economic growth on the third largest eurozone economy is free of charge this year.

Her estimation is in line with the autumn strategy of the European Commission, and in 2019 it is expects a lower level of expansion of government estimates in the draft budget.

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The total output of Italy (GDP) home is expected to increase by 2018 by 1.1%. A home application will contribute to a growth of 1.3 percentage points, and a foreign demand adversely affects -0.2 per cent per cent and the supply supply will be zero.

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In 2019, the site generates a 1.3 per cent GDP growth, with a 1.3% home demand, with a foreign demand and stock stocks are nil.

The European Commission also reported in the autumn introduction in November that the Italian GDP will increase 1.1% per annum and 1.3 per cent the next year.

But the government in Rome in the next year's budget proposal aims to increase GDP by 1.5% and a 2.4 per cent deficit.

According to the weak economic performance expected, the Commission has warned Rome that its budget deficit rises to 2.9 per cent of GDP in 2019 and will increase to 3.1 percent of GDP next year .

The report added that it noted a favorable international framework and a broad widespread policy of the government in the 2018 budget law.

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