Italy is starting to enforce Policy & Vaccinations, without a school after the date has been completed


Campaigners against immunization prepare for fluid sound of “What We Want?” Measles! When do we want it? Now! ”In mid-2017, 2017.
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Italian schools are beginning to switch children who have not been immunized after temporary cessation has ended, the New York Times Tuesday, with at least 300 children saying b & # 39 they can go to a nursery in the town of Bologna this week.

Children who are set up in 2017 in Italian schools receive 10 different vaccines, The Times wrote, in response to the decline of vaccines across the country and a chest disease in that same year. Last year, the Ministry of Health – comprising one of the five Star Movement political party, with the founder, developed expert ideas linking vaccine to autism – issuing a temporary regulation to allow children to use just being vaccinated instead of receiving a note from a doctor. The awakening had been highly criticized by the scientific and medical community who said that progress could be made to improve Italian vaccine levels in recent years.

“Coverage of the Italian vaccination was similar to Namibia, lower than Ghana,” said San Raffaele University in Milan microbiology and virology of Professor Roberto Burioni to CNN last year. “But the law was working, the covers were getting better. We should strengthen it, without weakening it. ”

But that money went out to end on March 10, The Times wrote, meaning that there are legal provisions stopping children from nursery classes to attend school children and children. • the introduction of a fine for parents refusing to introduce older vaccines:

Children are unable to attend nursery schools unless they have been immunized and a parent of primary school pupils loses a fine of up to 500 euro unless their doctor's notes appear. children had the immunization against the necessary diseases.

In Bologna, the officers said that 300 children did not send the official document to the vaccination on Monday, so they could not go into public nurseries.

“Now everyone got a hold of him,” Health Minister Giulia Grillo explained that the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, reports to the BBC. “… There is no vaccine, there is no school.” T

According to the BBC, among the 10 vaccines are those who get vaccinated against trout, polio, measles, chicken and rubella. Officers in Bologna said that around 5,000 children in the city do not have proper documentation that they have been vaccinated. The BBC also stated that Italian media report that regional authorities are "handling the situation in a number of different ways," with no reported restraint in some areas and that periods are allowed in some areas.

The BBC wrote that the law has been inserted to emphasize the levels of Italian vaccines, which are partly the result of movement which increases in vaccination against vaccines (known today as antiaxxers). ). These individuals believe that vaccines are dangerous and, depending on what inaccurate data they have introduced, that they cause all things from autism and a lack of awareness to produce “excessive weight of vaccine,” a condition that causes t is a true medical. Such like-minded investigations have been increasingly underestimated by researchers and have no scientific support, even though the numbers of people who believe in them have come to fruition. T The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the world is one of the top 10 most public health threats in the world in 2019.

“Italy is part of an international movement of unreliability in mediators – doctors and scientists – who can interpret and explain data,” said teacher La Sapienza from the University of Rome, the history of drugs and biology, Andrea Grignolio to CNN in 2018. “With the advent of the Internet, people have draw on their own ability to read and read data on their own, removing the need for technical knowledge and expertise. scientific. ”

According to Times, the current Italian government is working on a confusion plan to include a "flexible duty", where immunization will only be necessary if rates are reduced below safeguards from the flocks. That is the point where such people are immunized against a named disease so the people who forgive the images are still unlikely to get caught, but it's hard to know what the vaccines are. -Three “flexible” system provides longer than excluding admissions for antivaxxers. .

While immunization rates were around 80% in 2017, when the law passed, The Times added, the country is nowhere near (and in some areas reached.) T -b) a WHO target of 95 per cent.

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