Italy prevents a school for unheated children


JUSTICE – Children in Italy no longer have to go to school unless they have received a vaccine. A new law that has been introduced on Monday 11th March wants parents to be given a vaccine to children after moving against a vaccine, as described in the video at the end of the article.

"Lorenzin", which was named after the minister that introduced it, also enters into the context of grid infection.

Italian minerals now need to be vaccinated against a range of diseases, including measles, trout, polio, measles, cement and rubella, before entering school levels t .

If school children between the ages of six and sixteen cannot be evicted from school, some parents may have up to 500 euro if the law does not comply. By March 11, the target date, 5,000 children were not able to prove they were vaccinated and 300 were put off. But the Italian authorities have said that vaccination rates have improved since the law was introduced. T


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