Italy: they find two suns and believe that there could be another planet Earth


After a year of research, a group of rhetoricians Finding the "Twin of the Sun", the HD 186302 star is set 184 light years from Earth which has the same chemical composition of the Sun and born from the same ratio of gas and dust that created our star.


His search was mentioned in the magazine Science and Geography with the group of Astrophysics of Portuguese Institute led by Vardan Adibekyan.

Over the years, experts have been fighting both suns, telling the ANSA I groupSabella Pagano, from the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) of Catania, Sicily.

Adibekyan said: "Sun has no friend, but many of them can help us to help us identify where he was in the disease and what the conditions were created."

The researchers surveyed around 20,000 stars counted by the GAIA of the European Specialist (ESA) satellite and chose those most likely to be Sun. And among them, the HD186302 was the largest that was equivalent to dimensions, temperature, writing, flexibility and the way in which it moved in a place.

An The star seems to be autumn autumn, which is 4.5 billion years old, But the researchers admit that "other checks are essential to evaluate their age better".

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