A farewell to the new accounts Unicredit and BNL rejoice

ING orange scama just new scanner ING empowering customers to purchase it Oranges account waiting. The news is fast approaching the net, where the company has been deliberately disadvantaged by unhealthy light as a result of lightning in the section. IT security. Apparently, the entity is directly linked to one maxi recycling work Directed by hackers face Amazon and Airbnb. What's up?

Risk of orange banned for new users: new plan has meant that the system has fallen t

While they are still in contact with the Sanpaolo and Unicredit screen of shadows, we'll come across a new fraud that the Dutch banking company is taking t ING Direct. Ironically, security was broken by the time bugs which ensured that criminal offenders from abroad were given access to accounts.

The company must respond anyway for lack of security and administrative responsibility. He would spend a lot of money for him. In a previous event, a sum of 750 million euro was provided for the same thing. The main pages of the institution have replied by reply, which can be read:

"In close co-operation and agreement with the Bank Of Italia, Ing Italia will stop new customer sales during the period necessary to deepen development plans" with the managing authority. Ing also undertakes to maintain a full service to existing Italian users. In future days Ing will be working hard to address the deficiencies and address the critical issues ”.

So at this time it is not possible to find new customers. Once particular vulnerabilities are identified and corrected, all will return normally and new accounts can be opened.

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