Alda Dresses takes care of authors Isola dei Famosi 14: They didn't allow us … & # 39;

Alda's vitriol properties against the authors of Isola dei Famosi 2019

For two days Always It's My He is at the heart of two events. After the wonderful picture posted on social media that shows the woman at the table sharing food from the same piece with her dog, today she became the assistant t for another thing. In an interview with a radio broadcast, of him Island of the People 14 he has baked statements against the authors of the Magnolia truth.

Apparently he knows of the program Alessia Marcuzzi it wasn't very pleasant. It seemed that D & S did not have the opportunity to shine on it express your opinion for every bet. Alda also spoke on behalf of his colleague Alba Parietti. Don't see what he said.

Alda Dressing very unhappy with his job as a columnist on the Island of the Famous 14 t

Interviewed by radio program Na Italy is awake, Alda In this Exposure: t

"I didn't like it. They were not talking to us. I and Parietti both writers were going without their order. The authors told us we could be only there just a few times. T I would like to pay tribute to the authors that teenagers should make their heads to leaders, so they talk about two minutes.

A complaint of this type lasted a few days back from my colleague Alba Parietti. In fact, during an event Famous People 2019 she was cut out alive in front of everyone. The author of the truth program was then disappointingly demanding this limitation on intervention of Turin soubrette.

The second last account of her account was taken Instagram. Now, instead, he was converting his kit. Can a replica result and authors of Isola? It is more likely that if the program goes on next year, the woman will no longer be part of the team.

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