And now there is a bankitalia case that fights in government

m5s deputy director of bankruptcy

"We need to give a signal, we need to change". With this situation, Luigi Di Maio and other 5-star movement ministers – the AGI are learning – they included their subject & # 39; Bankruptcy during the meeting, which lasted half past the midnight, of the Council of Ministers. The debate on the subject lasted more than one hour, within Cdm about two hours. On the one hand, representatives of Pentastellati, on the other hand, Minister of Economy, Giovanni Tria. The reason for its incomparency: reinforce the general director's director, Luigi Federico Signorini. The Board of the Italian Bank Administrators have already proposed a recommendation to confirm Signorini, ending at the end of the month. However, in order to proceed, you will have the intention of the Council of Ministers to bring the signal out and give a green light, or counter.

The M5s have to change page

For the 5-star motion of Signorini – this is the advanced position in CDM yesterday – not the correct name: the page must change. They emphasize the ideas that they have; at the M5s – it is also reported that the roles of the Government Governing Body, Ignazio Visco, who in his speech to Forex Assiom Transport, in recent days, have complained that "the unlawful – budget policy decision declined ".

Di Maio and the other 5-star ministers have shown to Third that we need to rid of the era and open a new degree, even in the Italian Bank. But the manager in Via XX Settembre stated the deputy prime minister M5 that the government can not interfere with the job center. The dissertation of the traveler refused to his pentastellati, according to what law he allowed. During the debate, the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, would also be translating, who would be on the bank with his / her; Minister of Economy at this stage.

Conte is tired of the election campaign

In the Cdm last night, there were other discussions on topics for a day on the table. It would not start from the Tav: M5s considered Third position about the need to move on main and long-term jobs; while the League was still waiting for the cost-benefit analysis commissioned by a & # 39; Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninelli. Deep sea issues, the situation of Italy's situation on Venezuela and the quarrel & # 39; born in France. At the CDM, the Deputy Vice League, Matteo Salvini, was not involved in Abruzzo for the end of the election campaign. According to what was learned, Prime Chonte emphasized the need for the government and the country to be held outside the election campaign.

Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio and Minister Fraccaro, according to what's on learning, put the Bankitalia theme through the Cdm yesterday. Prime Minister Conte was not aware of the demand of the 5-star movement and in the conflict between Pentastellated and Third Economy Minister, he stressed the need for not changing the balance, # 39; at the moment in the Bank of Italy. On this subject, the next edition of the CDM was updated at the next edition of the CDM.

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