Barbara Urso and the big cafe to Big Brother that will cost it dearly

Part with a bang

a & # 39; Great brother 16 to leave immediately Barbara D´Urso and the heavy grammar gaffe. The Campania assistant, who is trying to prove straightforward Italian with Neapolitan competitor Gennaro, raised clear oral inconsistencies. The national Carmelite emphasized that it is normal for Campania to say "I've stayed …" but this form has no real root in its entirety. In fact, the proxy that lives is inside and the verb has to be a helper.

La Urso was in an effort to save a totally speechless concept Lory Del SantoThey made a great loss. Soon, the first program of the series Big BrotherA celebration of fire and flames and the massive switching power of competitors who entered the game.

Whimsical columns

The first issue of the GF 16 opens with Barbara D´Urso and the heavy grammar gaffe. The presenter was encouraging in an attempt to save a completely incorrect spoken language of his competitor Gennaro, entitled to stay "orally". This has broadcast broadcast fans on a race, social networks, various difficulties.

In particular, Naples supporters totally deny that, in dialect, there is such a gap in scale. Changing moments to communicate with the two leaders of opinion: Malgioglio and Iva Zanicchi. The two immediately began with highly imaginative ways and were deserving of their wonderful artistic love. The public will start drawing them on social media and in different tweets.

Multiple competitors

In short, Barbara D´Urso and the heavy gaffe that makes us laugh at what we are talking about right spoken form.

It must be noted that there are 16 competitors and some are already famous: Ivana Icardi, Valentina Vignali, Christian Imparato etc. In short, we can see some of the beautiful scenes in this new and interesting collection Big Brother 16 directed by the national Carmelite.

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