Black hole, today we see the first statue of history

TODAY we finally see "the picture of the century" the first image of a black hole, something invisible to interpretation, which until a few decades ago was not the part of the scientific community sure it was there. By building it, or instead of taking its “shadow”, it is the effort that has been made with a major international effort. The image has been kept secret for the long months used to process the information and verify the results: up to his presentation, which takes place today at 15 in six interlocutor conferences. nationally. An event which can also be followed in live streaming on and on the European Union channel.

It is not yet clear what the "subject" will be: at least the black hole in the middle of the path bends, Sagittarius A, or the quasar at the center of the M87, at about 60 million years of light, as big as billions of sunshine.

The photograph was "developed" by simultaneously watching eight world-wide radio telescopes at the event's Telescope (Eht) project, which included the sixties of scientific institutions across the world. , including the National Space Institute. Six scientific articles are published in a particular case Letters from the Astrophysical Journal.

The upcoming event is Einstein

The expectations are very high. It is his dream of all astronomical, passionate or just lovers of science fiction cinema. By finally seeing the boundaries of the place and the time, the skyline of events that are just dark, all will disappear, surrender with an invisible force, even light. The gases that surround it emit light, which light up directly as a result of the massive terrain brought by the ground. But Einstein's theory of a general relationship is probably the most awaited response. In other words, looking at how big a bit of obeying time surrounding itself, shining all the light around and the image in the background t -onon. So far, it has been possible to describe everything we see in the universe, but it has never been tested in such a hard laboratory. Maybe you might be looking for cracks; to mean looking at new formulas, new physics, that come over the legacy of Einstein which is held for more than a hundred years.

Telescope size of Earth

There are eight radio telescopes, located from thousands of kilometers apart, from the Andes Siles to Hawaii, from Mexico to Spain, from the USA to Antarctica, both of which appear on the same corner of the cosmos. Overall it is as if they had created one big parable, which was almost as big as the whole planet. The approach used is “a long base”. The different radio telescopes are synced with an atomic clock and the data supplied by each is linked via algorithms that scientists have developed years of running and then running. The approximate 20-second solution is, like seeing a moon tennis party.

Petabytes of data

Each telegram has collected thousands of therabytes of data, too heavy to be transmitted over the internet. Hard plane tours traveled to the two computer locations on which the main computers are located: at the Haystack de MIT Theater, Massachusetts, and Max Planck Institut fur Radioin's base, in Bonn. Two years after a sighting, which lasted just ten days in total, the researchers were able to piece together all the pieces and build the photograph that was never taken by light-hearted, but. use of radio wave frequencies. It's easier to find out those who are in the race around the lot and we get to it.

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