Black holes, Einstein had been expecting to be new challenges – Space & Astronomy

Image of the days first ever taken at a black hole it's more interesting because it is representative a significant step forward in understanding the mystery of the cosmos and a new challenge for Albert Einstein's theory of relative t. He told ANSA Mariafelicia Delaurentiis, astronomy and astronomy at the University of Naples Federico II and Naples's share of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Engine), which is a member of the Eht collaboration co-ordinating the theoretical analysis group of the experiment.

"Our ideas – he noted – giving direct evidence that astronomical holes are curious and have the central implement of active galactic novels".

As a result, the new ideas "are a new search tool to explore the graphics at the far and larger extremities, no longer accessible".

He set a technique, “it is a powerful tool to confirm or prevent the various religious beliefs associated with a universal relationship”. T Perhaps Einstein's theory of the universe is not the most!

The first sketch of a black hole, he continued, "We take a further step forward in our understanding of the great world mystery“As well as a result of“ an excellent example of international collaboration and collaboration ”.

This is just "an instant for scientists studying the secrets of the cosmos, this is the start of a new physics, we are looking at something completely new. This is one of the stones – t A milestone of regional astronomy. “Now, the sort of these objects changes our view of the universe”.



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