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Business, orders and trade go up in January. But the car falls 21%

January 2019 was the worst month for income of Italy's industry vehicles for almost ten years. L & # 39;Istat estimate Going down 21.5%the worst performance since June 2009 when the drop was 21.6%. Even the orders fell by 21.7%. The Italian industry as a whole has seen economic change 3.1%. However, in the last three months, compared with the previous three, the overall index shows a decrease of 1.8%. Restrictive travel orders recorded 1.8% compared with its previous month before, and in the last three months there was also a 2.1% reduction.

The cyclical increase in income is related to the domestic market (+ 2.3%) and, to a greater extent, the market. T foreign (+ 4.5%). The increase in orders being introduced is a reduction in orders orders coming from the domestic market (-1.1%) and a significant increase in the number of people coming from abroad (+ 6%).
The main business groups show positive economic change: + 4.6%energy, + 4.1% for capital goods, + 2.5% for intermediate products and + 2.4% for goods wear. Corrected for the effects of a calendar (22 working days, as of January 2018), the total change in 0.6 percentage words increased in mobile terms, with a 0.1% decrease in domestic market and an increase of 1%. , 9% of the foreigner.

By referring to the manufacturing sector, the sales for the monthly impacts of the largest growth in the Scottish region have been recorded. T machinery and equipment (+ 8.8%) and the largest industry decline Medicines (-13.8%). The raw index shows a double reduction of 1.2%, coming from reductions for both the domestic market (-1.9%) and, to a lesser extent, for foreign markets (-0.2%). The highest growth is recorded for the saithe textiles industries (+ 5.4%), with the largest decrease in the chemical industry (-5.1%).

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