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But Milan's four-meter metropolis stops another, four wounded. Esposto Codacons in the power of appeal

This time the enclosure was not stopped. And those who were injured – no one is really bad – ask them 118 again. The eighth immersion immersed into Milan's byelaws a few minutes before 8m in Cassina de Pecchi, on the "green" line, outside of Milan. Four passengers were saved in «green code», no one was in a bad state. For Atm it would have been a "safety brake", translated for "find a red red computer computer shutdown stop" inside the hallway, on the way and train then.

Although the account exceeds the unusual installments and the least seriously seriously injured, the registers open to «model 45» (for the time not to be suspected and not to # 39; out complaints) with the former Tiziana Siciliano representative to become more fully corporate. Due to his desk today, the result of all the investigations made by the police was suddenly broken on the red line at Cadorna's stadium on 11 occasions on Saturday afternoon, 9 of them transported to the hospital, including two children: one of 8 years and the other 16 months.


Another rescue image, always the Saturday event

The "mental" file was opened by the judges at the head of the "Health, environmental and work protection" bath after the Monday morning event, when he was on the train, Heavily fractured on the green line at the mouth of the Loreto Stop, four passengers were injured. One of them, the worst, was completed in the hospital with several breaches made of the pelvis and 60 days of prognosis. After that magazine, the most spectacular years, on Saturday, for the first time, the trains that were there were; fought in Cadorna forever with the researchers, who are now waiting to appoint a consultant. It must be clarified if the training control system used by ATM is a "hole" that causes emergency breakdown or if the commission is, as it is; ask the company to say that it's OK to be able to; avoiding more difficult problems. And the same problem is the same mystery.

"It is unsuitable that the health and safety of passengers who use thousands of underground Milanese can be at risk", Codacons writes in a note indicating that he will complain to the person- complain "to find out what happened accidents. The programs on the M1, red, and M2 lines, green, have been many times in those years have also proved to Adviser for the Exploration of Milan City, Marco Granelli, which was reported in the case of his home council. "He explained – he works on two aspects: his first thing what's gradual breach of the defeat, so that it is not so poor and so the effects that have occurred in those days. The second is related to the logic of the system, so that the corridor to register emergency breaches is better. "Then add that the" programs are upgraded in three years and then down in 2018: in 2015 there were 67, in 2016 rising to 79, in 2017 it rises to 109, and then falls in 2018 to 83. In any case It does not end – we believe it's better to have a program of losing or not having a #. slowing down more than a crash that would have a deeper impact ".

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