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Camorra, the deputy Marco Di Lauro, was arrested. The second most dangerous robot

Naples, March 2, 2019 – The camor was taken commander in Naples Marco Di Lauro. He was in exile from 7 December 2004, when he fled to a blitz called "night of the sheep". This is the The fourth son of President Paolo Di Lauro, historian chief of Secondigliano. He was one of the people involved in feud of Scampia.

This is the the most dangerous bloodier of Italy after Matteo Messina Denaro. Marco Di Lauro's co-worker co-ordinator in 2010 identified that he was the 4 murders e organizer.

The Minister inside Matteo Salvini said: "Camorra Marco Di Lauro was senior in Camero Marco, thanking his partnership with Police and Carabinieri, congratulating the police, who was involved in Another important work after arresting Alger's terrorism. No problem for criminals. "

Marco Di Lauro, 38 yearsShe was in a room in Sgaglione, in the Chiaiano district, in Naples. It must be shown for 14 years, after the bloody disease at Naples gates, to attend 10 years for its & society. The headteacher was not far from his stronghold, Secondigliano. Yes, there was also a woman who was brought to the police station.

The area where the headteacher was young it had been closely under review of lawsuit. The researchers knew that Di Lauro could not have been a long time. Through Emilio Scaglione, the long way goes to her; belt north of Naples just a few kilometers from what he was general headquarters of ethnicity. Today, with confirmation that the man was at home, the blitz is inspired.

Head of Naples Police, Antonio De Jesu, out of the offices to welcome his men, along with Arm Carabinieri, on the way that challenged the elevators, said: "Marco Di Lauro he was not armed and did not resist ", said De Jesu. Distribution is also featured by the head of Carabinieri de Naples, Colonel Ubaldo Del Monaco. The police were co-ordinated by the DDA Naples led by the procurator Melillo. The importance of Marco Marco Lauro's acceptance is considered, according to the inspectors, on its behalf No Ciruszo's Millionaire there was rebuilding father's decision, proved by the war between clans and arrest.

Maraiche of Naples Luigi de Magistris Congratulations to the police: "Congratulate State Police, Carabinieri and Masters to arrest the exile Marco Di Lauro. The fight against Camorra is at the heart of the state's activity in the city us ".

Different videos on the web shows arrest rates and then arrives at police station. People gathered outside the building were praised and sentenced. shouting "Munnezz" at the way out of the young leader who received agents.

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