Chaos electric scoop: "They must be manually inspected" t

But he still managed to get chaos electronic invoices. According to some studies, the amounts measured by the calculationsIncome group Are there errors in the stamp duty. Several reports, as reported by Italia Oggi, would have come from software houses and entirely from license fee payers who use the new tax system. The sums submitted on the invoice investment do not match those in debt. All taxpayers can now have access to the door on their website to check the invoice information. The problem also affects all of those invoices that are under 77 euro and indeed that would not be subject to the stamp duty. These bills seem to be calculated by the system. The date for stamp payments is set for 23 April.

These problems could delay your payments needing to be completed in a few days. Among the various reports received from the Income, several of them draw on invoices with VAT that are not provided for the payment of the stamp duty. Now all these documents need to be reviewed manually and so alone, so close the time the new electronic system is. Robertos Bellini, Assosoftware's general manager, also spoke: "We are communicating with the Group to support our members and customers", he told Italia Oggi. Finally, Maurizio Post, the national council's tax representative, said: "It is another satisfaction for something that should be done automatically and instead including energy at work. T in April of the previous year, as it is now within ten days'. So the electric bill could hit a stamping wall … t

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