Chirico: "Do you support him, what do you do in Naples? Good news and two bad news"

Marcello Chirico, a journalist of Juventus's belief, is believed to have, game between Naples and the creation of Massimiliano Allegri.

The journalist on Juventus, Marcello Chirico, published an article focuses on the next challenge between the Napoli and Allegri team: "Good news and two negative ones, a really bad man. We started from that's goodAfter years, Juventus fans have the opportunity to go into the stadium range of the San Paolo stadium and to attend the match between Naples and Juventus the next Sunday. A decision that was not done well with those Neapolitans, which may, in a & # 39; first leg, reach Allianz Park. We do not know if the decision is clear and sufficiently restricted by the groups that are responsible (and we reach the first bad news, I say the worst). think that Naples Police has invited Juventus to go to the stadium by showing Juventus symbols. As you say: go and see the game, but do yourself to waulk. Do not insert in the eye. The danger of spreading on the road routes to San Paolo is considered to be very high, so that 800 executing law enforcement officers and 1,000 stewarders are moved. Instead of making sure everyone is in a position; Ensure that nothing is done, the Quaestor itself advises that it is very careful and does; leaving the typical "typhoon" tools, ie scarops and flags, to avoid a problem. Pretty paradoxical ".

"At the moment РLean Chirico РIt is surprising why he has been allowed to go to the surgery, and understand the dangers they are open. It would not be better to avoid here? Out of urban cathrillas, such as Santo Stefano, with the Neapolitan ultrà, then then entertainers, you do not feel that you need it. Given that those who also encouraged them "pages", as the Interior Minister is, maintained, but sometimes can not harm damage (in Milan a dead man). The Viminale Observatory, those who establish a race risk level, has consulted with the Neapolitan Police Headquarters before taking the green version for the fan fans for their " this game? Certainly, at this time, is set up. Second strange story It's about Juventus fans: what spirit will they go to San Paolo? So do not want to support their team or do not; making a quiet view, as happened to the Wanda Township in Madrid (something really true) and how, unfortunately, it's happening from the beginning of the season in almost every Juventus home game? I report, I do not know about the reasons behind this behavior (ticket prices, banning some caterpillars and using banners, other applications against their company and so on forward) so I'm not going to open a controversy just for a small comment: what do you go to play the game if you support it? To be "residing" on the land? To show the muscles? I think the fan is a n; going to the stadium due to being able to help the purpose, that is to support his team, to do it; Feels he is close and his help to win. Personally I have ever understood myself as pleasure, not a duty. Just as I always thought it has not been done to get something else as a result, but it's done only with passion, free. Permission to be correctly allowed to criticize, but a posteriori. Decide whatever I'm wrong. Playing to the playground, to Turin as well as to go, and then to make a quiet view, it is not completely. I prefer not to go and leave the place to others, certainly more inspiring. Only those who have not lost one game and played each time that will allow them to decide what to do? Other ways. Who works, lives long from Turin, or maybe there is not enough money to keep the team always persisting, but he still has a lot of money. brings joy to Juventus, who has a love, and suffers for even a & # 39; s on television, which can not be cataloged as a second-party fan and that they can even be discriminated against as a # &; It's a challenge to challenge that that has made a decision that, at the playground, is not rooted only when someone is set up. It is not good. It is not right. It is inside it that can not be installed and we do not have to bend. "

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