Comet Christmas comes, called 46P / Wirtanen. «It will be seen from Italy»

Comet 46P / Wirtanen

«They're going, they're going to do it. coming … for a thousand they are sparkling and they put themselves and the sky to leave them but a water desire. De Andrè he was describing the clouds, but the river is suited to another great surprise that also has a coming from the sky: Comet 46P / Wirtanen. At this time it is only visible from the southern hemisphere, but during and after the Holidays period it passes on a "end" and should be prominent in our lives. The contract confirms that these contemporary bodies are very strange, but the population of the satirical societies is at risk from The comet, from telescopic checks to those last days, could be looked at the bare eyes.

(Degree of courage, the greatest way on Earth on 16 December)

Our most comprehensive approach to our planet is Sunday, December 16, the 46P / Wirtanen will be slightly less than 11 million kilometers, less than threescore the distance between Earth and its & # 39; Moon. To look, it needs to focus or look at the east, in the Taurus reulite, more detailed within the Pleiades cluster. But we do not draw on ourselves, without any doubt, we are still as confident as the scientists are confident; Give sure that the item is visible to the bare eye. But all gunners do not succeed with the hole, and at this time the bankruptcy will be successful; including the fault queue comet can not see. In future days, however, we will see how the situation changes.

Amongst the first ones in Italy to take off the comet, even with a remote telescope of the southern fish, Rolando Ligustri, a astronomer was a very active star in the astrophotography range. The picture of high design is visible here

(Photograph of the comet that was killed by the Rolando Ligustri squirrel)

The name announces the American star Carl Wirtanen discovered on January 17, 1948, showing an apparent plague captured by a telegopic Lick Review. «This comet – a definition in the # 39; his blog Albino Carbognani, who is a geologist of the Autonomous Autonomous Valle d'Aosta (OAVdA) Regional Review -, a orbit cover; correspond to the planet's orbit Jupiter. In fact he is a member of the Jupiter Family Comets (JFC). Jupiter family woods are described as, from time to time, those bodies will be get involved very much with this planet that positioning the shift around the sun. Generally, this family's woods are at times less than 20 years. Wirtanen continues – there is a breaking time of 5.44 years only and often going to a level that drops to 1.055 AU from Sun, or very close to the Earth's orbit! Not only is the JFC comet but it is also an object near Earth: the MOID (smallest distance distance distance) with Earth is just 0.069 AU or 10.3 million kilometers. This small cell is approximately 1.2km in size, so it is not an unusual comet like the Hale-Bopp. In moving to this year's perihelion, however, it will be very close to Earth, as a result it will be longer than the doorstep that is visible to the sunny eye, and it will be a "comet Christmas ".

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