confusion has long happened

Martina Nasoni

He had been troubled by an old friend Maria De Filippi Irama wrote a song for us, taken to the competition at a competition Sanremo Festival 2019. – t Martina Nasoni is officially admitted Great brother 16 and in a speech with him Serena Rutelli and Valentina Vignali providing incredible publications. In fact, the girl, who has just spent twelve years in her fine heart surgery for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, seems to have faced her first battle that was her. Hotel.

Big Brother 2019: the first visit in the House

His mother went in to the hospital for seven years. But Martina continued to deny her in the house as she believed that her father had fallen apart. Continued intervention, a curse of the same "curse": the mother would have to send his keyboard to the heart, but the body refused to continue. Briefly, the new competition entrant GF 2019 Martina Nasoni life was very dark, growing very fast.

In the first album of the new edition he has crossed the red-famous door too Ivana Icardifootballer's sister, t Mauro Icardi. And with the footballer he is Wanda Nara there is no good blood flow. In this respect, the girl, who is speaking to the other tenants, admits that her sister-in-law has angered her involvement in Argentine formulation. Big Brother.

Since then she could no longer see her brother and could not understand why they had no peace. Jessica will then get involved, trying to hand over the Argentine competitor and, having expressed their personal opinion of this complex story, she is sure to put the same figure in the pipeline. something quickly.

GF 16, Martina Nasoni: us suffer

at the same time Jessica Mazzolibefore entering the most Italian-owned it and answering Morgan, denying him what he had said he would have refused to see the child. But still Michael Terlizzi the opportunity to share Jessica's personal opinion with the appropriate audience. When he speaks, he tells her that she finds it strange. Although largely understood as an artist, it is too painful.

So the boy says that words are not meant to be criticism, if any account is in excess of the lines on the base of the soundtrack. Who knows, the relationship between the two can be beautiful. In fact, some stories appear in this new edition of it Big Brother they have to teach a lot of them all Martina Nasoni, a young woman but from the important history.

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