Cystic fibrosis, the State has paid over 10 million for the adult department to Umberto I in Rome. But the structure is not there

Structure that is expected from 25 years but it has never been done. With this State Italian dating between 1994 and 2016 has been running annually Lazio Department almost 500,000 barley. If we are putting them up, we get over the number 10 million. Money ever used for the reason they should be present: construction (real) share want adults to be allocated to those who are ill cystic fibralis inside the Privacy policy. So that's why the Roman Catholic hospital is now trying to achieve the region – just 11 places – but at cost Italian Cystic Fibrosis (Lifc), then gods ill and their families. "With the money available so far, we can not build one section, but one a real clinic", Said regional adviser of the Brothers of Italy, Chiara Colosimo, who gave detailed questions of time in the past few days Regional Council. That product is to include entry and the seasonal remedies 300 adults the presence in the department must mention the divisions, both children, of Bambin Gesù (25 places) and Umberto I (10 places). With everythingshame, promiscuity and the difficulties faced by her; case.

THE NUMBER OF THE FIBROSIS IN LA LAZIO – But let's go in order. so far Lazio there are about 600 cystic fibrosis patients – an 10% of Italian elasticity – genetic disease is considered "rare"That did not give at least the 80s great expectations of life. Over time, however, research has been making a great deal of progress and before the beginning of the century, children overcome the 20 year strategy. Today, according to the information provided by Lifc, the normal life It has risen to date 40 years, even if there is a successful patient over the age of 60. Generally, about it 55% of patients aged 18 years old. The early 90s Parliament It began to be a problem and on 23 December 1993 he agreed law n. 548 which, among other things, are wholly allocated 15 billion lire for 1994 and 10 billion "For each year 1995 and 1996". Money, related to the percentage of patients, in the years to come, to 2016, as long as the current child ward at Umberto I has been done just something quick in 1999.

WHAT THE 20TH CHURCH OF YEARS AND RURAL AGREEMENTS ON ETHNICY – Lazio, in this regard, went into the budget immediately ad hoc property, in which every year 1 billion of lire was expected and then, since 2002, about 490 miles barley. Money, explain from the Department, "the Polyclinic it is always attracted"." Unbundled "property according to its Divisional Health Adviser, Alessio D 'Amato, respondent Colosimo responded during his query, just aimed at the time the last 6 budgets (those who belong to the Giunta Zingaretti). This means that money in those years has come to an end speakers of the hospital but then it was used in a different way, so much so that "distributed in 2018 would be used largely for cost of the staff "." The funding – he told D-Amato's commissioner – in any way bonded The needs of an adult department for a cystic fibrosis patient but is provided to help the operation of the Advocacy Center, active for everybody the patient with this psychology ". So it should behospital to share part of the assets found in these two decades in the structure of its investment appropriate.

That's the way 300 people They have been suffering from cystic fibsticis in recent years, they have to continue to have a " going to his place instead of being funded by a specially funded department. "This adult population does not get it appropriate help or care", Read translation between Silvia Ranocchiari, a member of the Italian Cystic Fibrosis League Lazio, and the technical secretary of Nicola Zingaretti, as "it's obvious that there are problems an adult and the type of medical experts required completely different from the children's papers ". In addition," adults with cystic fibralis are fully cared for and treated today surreptitious from resources and parenting staff ".

THE "ADULT CENTER" PARTNERSHIP – There is a real problem, therefore, from "it is expected that 2025 adult patients 70%". In 2016, the Lazio Department agreed one Negotiations with whom you are he gives the right to create an adult ad hoc section, to be available to the building within the structure of the place Privacy policy. But be careful, as the costs for the restructuring, which amount to 500,000 euros, will be Lifc (like those who are sick and their families). "In addition – Ranocchiari writes – this Adult Center offers just 10 beds, number enough see the increase of the adult population. "Instead of attacks, Fdi councilor, Chiara Colosimo: "President Zingaretti, commissioner Alessio D 'Amato and health director of the Policlinico Umberto I need definition How did she spend it in these years? around 10 million is allocated by the state and since the adult center has been the same since then 1999"." The mission of a university-hospital company – known by Commissioner Amato – is to & # 39; to create one another sooner comment pole as an active unit for diagnosing and writing. Cystic fibrosis is also treated for patients not in the age of a parent".

PROJECT IN THE "LEVEL CUD" – Not enough, the "Fc Adult Project"Is it in" deadlock "according to president of Lifc Lazio, Silvana Mattia Colombi, which is a letter dated 15 February to & # 39; explains: "The children's ward welcomes the same environments Baby, children, adolescents, adults of all ages and also patients re-plan lungs and continue in sequence, and to prevent this situation promiscuity every step of it restricted accept it surgeries"And again:" Lifc Lazio wants to know it the future of the center and the decisions that Policlinico Umberto's directories expect to take promptly to resolve issues defined. If it was not considered that the project could be completed in a short period, all patients would be available for evaluating other solutions ". tried several times to let me know vertices of the Policlinico Umberto I, writing both to the general guidance and to the health, e-mail service never answered.

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