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dates, stops, concerts and tickets. When it starts

2017 Ligabue Tour: dates, stops, concerts and tickets. When it starts

Luciano Ligabue Tour 2019, dates and stages

Not just the year of Jova Beach Walk. Count down to know the dates and levels to be spoken 2017 Ligabue Tour. The same rocker was named on his Instagram channel. Do you want to drink in a cup, behind black and white, the performer welcomed his fans. "They tell me the dates are out in a week." It is Thursday 10 January 2019 day X. Ligabue will include Italian levels to eliminate its new recordings, which has been shown by the recent song Lights of America. The wait is very good, followed by the singer Correggio.

2017 Ligabue Tour: these are the dates

The 2017 Ligabue Tour dates come out at about 1pm on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Here are.

  • 14 June: Bari, San Nicola Park;
  • June 17: Messina, San Filippo Stadium;
  • June 21: Fishing, Adriatic Stadium;
  • June 25: Florence, Stadium Artemio Franchi;
  • June 28: Milan, San Siro Park;
  • 2 July: Turin, Olympic Stadium;
  • July 6: Bologna, Stadio Dall & Ara;
  • 9th July: Padua, Euganeo Stadium;
  • July 12: Rome, Olympic Stadium.

2017 Ligabue Tour: dates and cities

It will face several Italian towns 2017 Ligabue Tour, including Rome, Milan and Turin. But there is also a wait for the Campovolo event. On January 24th we will know the official dates of our visit and the cities have been linked to it. As soon as the calendar comes out, we do not need to update you.
Update on …

Here are the songs "Album" Start "here

  1. "Duslach star"
  2. "Leave us"
  3. "Lights of America"
  4. "What makes me war"
  5. "Never Be Ever"
  6. "Some women will
  7. "Death of life and wonders"
  8. "The bad company"
  9. "I'm in this world"
  10. "The future"

2017 Ligabue Tour: we'll start from Luci America

More than 1 million scenes on YouTube in just a week for Luciano's new Luciano Ligabue, who is expecting the new album. Video that includes some American sites and is based in symbols that are displayed in the United States. You enjoy, between wild and modern nature, in visual rhythmic audio and sound. A video clip, written and directed by Marco Salom, was killed California.

2016 Ligabue Tour: a new album, when it comes out

Luci, America, which we have written, is just the beginning of the new album. This will be cited STARTING and its distribution is registered only in March, a month in which Ligabue will be able to. play 59 years. "Although I'm identifying its first place in the radio of Luci d 'America, I write the title of my new album: START". The news came back from Ligabue on Instagram.



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