Duplication of Ownership: 10 signs you should suspect

Designs duchenne

The Italian Piping Practitioners Association makes a list of similar organs that are similar to this palace, designed for parents and children.

a & # 39; Designs duchenne it is a rare genetic illness that affects one child in every 5000 births, increasingly tending the muscle muscles. This decline, which promotes independently over time, is very frustrating trends and the gestures already in the first years of life.

Problem of final judgment

If this pathology were present Then it is quickly identified, which is longer than within 2 years, could bring huge benefits, arising from early and appropriate management. But still, although Duchenne's rendition could happen from childhood through many signs, in Italy for the t 42% of children judging is only after 5 years, when the muscles have been damaged previously and relate to the course of the disease, it is very complex. Therefore, yes Italian Piping Medicine Association (SIMPE) t have improved decalogue with the usual symptoms of the disease, which should be made by the piper, but also the parents, suspicious.

The bells hit by 18 months

  1. The child is struggling sitting alone or crawling
  2. The child is not there stand up or a walk
  3. Yes a language delay indeed, the child will not have spoken the first word in half and a half. Even a complete sentence is coming.

Specific blood tests: the whole set of instructions

Alarm in 3 years

4. There is a variety a problem in difficulty, which often flows
5. The child is liable walk on the councils or with flat feet
6. After three years often still waterfalls and it is weaker in the movements
7. Difficulty climbing
8. Running problem

The bells hit at 5 years

9. The little man can't keep up with his friends while they play
10. You can see Blacksmiths sign up: in an attempt to recover from the supine situation, patients usually use their arms to "climb" on the body by resting them on the knees to compensate for the muscles of their legs. give

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