Electric cars: in Italy doubled in 2018, 28,000 new columns by 2022

The evolution of the survey was published yesterday in Rome "100 Italian E-Mobility Tales", promoted by Enel X and The Symbola Foundation to provide a “national framework” electricity movement in Italy (THIS is the latest data on the car market). 100 stories about companies, universities, research centers and independence of the third sector that represent the e-supply provision in Italy.

Compared with the first edition, published in 2017, there is obvious visibility in the inspection improve the condition of Italy It's about getting moving electricity, but also on shared transport. Presented by Francesco Starace, Chief Executive and General Manager Enel: t

Not only are the environmental benefits: the research. 100 E-Mobility Stories 2019, giving a voice to national excellence, we are delighted to understand that the transfer of electric movement can generate an improvement opportunity. be conceived for the whole country.

The report accepts that, to date, the world Yes 5.3 million electric vehicles for passengers or freight, per 1.5 million in 2016. Of those, as much as 2 million in China (+ 150% in 2018 compared to 2017), 1 million in the United States (+ 100%) in the last year). In Europe, the priority is to be the same Norway (back March 2019 where there is higher market share than traditional ones): in the Scandinavian country 250,000 electric cars are surrounded, a number which rises more than just 5 million people t .

There is also an increase in electricity in the Scottish area public transport: today around 20% of the international bus buses, with Chinese cities leading this movement on 99% of the world's stock (in Shenzhen, for example, all electric buses are). and now there are also taxis.

and in Italy? In the last year, vehicle sales with the power of electric battery (including a hybrid plug-in) have doubled practically, going from the very top of the range. about 5,000 units in 2017 to 10,000 of 2018 (UNRA data). An increase that takes place very quickly alongside re-taxing infrastructures.

for today, they are believed to be today in Italy 8,300 public repayment points (well: EV Hub Hub BNEF 2019). However, the plans of public and private companies in this respect vary. These include Enel X, which is by 2022 installation 28,000 more points. T, with a total investment of up to 300 million euros.

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