False billing, Renzi's parents under the house The previous senior man: "astonished horror"

Tiziano Renzi and Laura Bovoli also have the complaint about illegal breach with a third party. The Secretary of the Party Democrat said: "I believe in Italian justice, but I do not" give a centimeter ". The judge's judge: "Couples on the decision for the risk of other crimes"

With the oldest older parents exploring five others, including Roberto Bargilli, a conductor for the Matteo Renzi champagne at the 2012 Democratic Party primary schools. The other are the leaders of the competitions that would have been illegally evaluated by the judges.

The defendant: "I did not see anything like that" – "I did not read such a thing: he did not hold a housekeep for two people near 70 years for a fact that was tested at the latest in 2012. We will preserve All evaluators have the full value of the cartridge reading, "said Federico Bagattini, by Tiziano Renzi and Laura Bovoli. The lawyer said that the parents had a response to their parents' main kind "of faith, of incredible, of breaking, too" when the army declared, about 18: 50, the extent of the house was captured.

The judge's judge: "Couples on the decision for the risk of other crimes" – The amount of home for Tiziano Renzi and Laura Bovoli was ordered by her & # 39; CEO Angela Fantechi, because the "danger" of concrete and current is that the people who are suspects to " committing a similar crime of what we are going on, rivers and bankruptcy, telling the judge. Not only are those crimes that are sometimes "occasionally", according to their judge, but are part of any criminal program that has been committed to, and # 39; going on for a long time, carried out professionally and involving many others. In addition, the Renzi spouses, again according to his / her review judge, leaving the Marmovid, cooperative with the bankruptcy demand.

Matteo Renzi: "Step is unsuitable, but I trust in justice" – After learning the news, the former Secretary of his Democratic Party has rejected his commitments to the Turin Press Club. "I think every citizen is equal before the law and so I'm not sorry to be present at a lawsuit because those on the papers reading to make sure they never saw so silly and uncomfortable solar ", they opposed Matteo Renzi.

"They can not get rid of a legal strategy" – "If someone thinks you are able to use the legal tool to eliminate a challenger from a political competition, know it's wrong. You did not want so much tonight to fight for a different country and just justice, "said the former president of the Council. "I know what my family did for a couple of years, and it is enough to say that we can not take any tests on the streets or the net, my parents' guardians themselves in class, like all citizens strong of manners ".

"Do not lift up a centimeter" – Then Renzi expanded: "I want to be clear to everyone I do not give over one centimeter. Personal punishment is not a moral obligation. If someone thinks you are able to Use the legal tool to abolish the opponent from the political competition recognizing that it is wrong. He never had his desire to fight for a country between differentiated and right justice ".

"All this because I tried to change Italy" – After "arresting" to arrest the parents, Matteo Renzi also said: "If I have not done politics, my family would not have sunk in the muddy, if I had tried to change this country, my day today would slowly retire. " And again: "This arrest happened today".

The allegations – The three in the administration of a time of three companies, two of which were declared bankrupt. The case that was raised is & # 39; One-way disturbance, between 2013 and 2018, of invoices for non – staying within one of the competitions and, on the other, a warrant of an illegal breach that would have been made for two other companies between 2010 and 2013.

The inquiries – As stated by courier, the turning point in the surveys came to the autumn of 2018, because the documentation they received at "Eventi 6" had been investigated, the family company had not already been under review only for "happy" guidance and how money was lost. Three perspectives were completed in the scene: "Delivery", "Europe service Srl" and "Marmodiv". The last two were investigated in the last few months and the materials captured (account books, accounts, contracts) would have confirmed their mandatory criticisms; the certification of the lawyer and asking the Renzi spouse to be scared of the pollution of the evidence, but also for the recycling of crime.

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