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Farewell to Giacomo Battaglia, the comedy died at the age of 54

He died at the age of 54 Giacomo Battaglia, comic with that Luigi Miseferi they were one of the most famous comic pairs of the rock Bagaglino. After fighting against a serious illness Battaglia had been suffering from a stroke By the end of June 2018. From that moment on he did not wake up again. His most famous lyrics include Bruno Vespa, in the long expedition in Pingitore.

The stroke suffered in June and tested Midge

That's his friend and colleague Miseferi who brought out the state of health in Pattaglia, in January today in Italy: " tUnfortunately in January last year he suffered an terrible disease which he was working on. He toured through medicine trips, but as a lion continued with his journey with myself and Pippo Franco. In June, at the end of a show in which he was perfect, after a few hours he got a stroke. From that moment Giacomo sleeps rough sleep because he couldn't wake up".

Giacomo Battaglia's job

Battaglia was born in Reggio Calabria and the big fan of Reggina, who starred in 1990's Miseferi in the program "Stasera mi butto", kept for young people growing up. It was in this situation that the situation was noted by Francesco Pingitore Pier. The Patron del Bagaglino signed them for displaying "Troppa Trippa" of the company and since then a partnership has lasted for a year. Along with Miseferi, over 30 years of careers: as well as taking part in the Bagaglino exhibitions until 2009, they were sent to Quelli for the Reggina games. Followed the drama role, which ended with her last play "Brancaleone and her army", despite the illness. "In the creative and design stages we threw the dry objects around us, but we never troubled any penny. While they are still safe, we have also taken on individual roles"said Miseferi to Italy."

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