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a & # 39; Ferrari an Italian company is shown to be grateful and aware of the sacrifices of its staff. a & # 39; 2018 competition award which is higher in Chavallino history86% staff will benefit between them 5,500 euro and 5,892 eurosif a staff member has not missed one day in 2018.

Giorgio Honor, secretary of the central union of Emim Cisl Emilia, reporting to the journalists Sassuolo 2000: "This is the highest level of Ferrari history. 86% of the approximately 3,500 workers take between 100% of the real price (5,500 euro) and 107% (5,892 euros for those who do not). All the characteristics (the number of cars made, the results of the economic activity and the quality) which determined the high standard were fully achieved.".

"With the agreement of the company signed in 2016 – Honored – We have gone on with Ferrari's growth. The cemeteries did not believe three years ago that Ferrari would bring more than 9,000 cars. The growth of physical value is above all due to incredible ability, access and professionalism of women and men in Ferrari.".

Unite sources have also revealed that Ferrari can offer 67 new appointments started from 1st April 2019.

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