Forecasts: mother, Salvini fault – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MELEGNANO (MILAN), MINUTE 20 – "What's happening in many cases today in Italy is also extended by politicians such as Salvini". Angela Bedoni, a mother of Bakary, told her about the clan-stone writings that appeared in her garden in Melegnano. "This program is the first type of type that was in my life's life, but perhaps because it's not a current today's climate # 39: breathe back three years ago. The problem is that immigrants are not a problem, "he said. "We need to close the ports, but build bridges … I hope that the national political level will come to an end about what happened to us," said Bakary's mother. "The safety order – he sees – today he is putting many people in trouble, and it is also a question about culture, it is important to understand what happened in Italy before 1945 and today ".



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