Forty years ago Captain Harlock came ashore in Italy. Icon for "imaginary fascists" t

Rome, 9 April – It is 9 April, 1979 just 40 years ago, t when it was then Rete2 – today Rai2 – in Italy the initials written by Luigi Albertelli and sung by “first heard” tThe Warriors' Band“Vince Tempera became one of the most famous and loved cartoon cartoons ever sung. The song is about a "brown-eyed black-haired pirate which has nothing in heaven" and who is the skull who calls for freedom. " Captain Harlock, the legendary robber created in 1977 by master Manga Leiji Matsumoto, t for the first time on our TVs.

You don't need to mention here the most famous benefits something t, the key character of four lively series (follow the one broadcast in 79 SSX – Infinite route of 1983 but was introduced in Italy in the 90s, incomplete The circle of the Nibelungs they came in the early years of this new millennium Odyssey endless of 2002, distributed only in Home Video), an animated film (very famous and famous) Arcadia My Youth, which would be the pilot for the second animated series) and finally the CGI 3D documentary film directed by Shinji Aramaki in 2013.

The space pirate and the radical right

What it would bring the most famous and beloved of the Matsumoto he soon became an image for at least three generations of descent radicals. Team team the treatment of free people by offenders at home whoever decides to fight for it and return justice to you, a corrupt government run by a bureaucratic bureaucracy. which takes care of her own people with television broadcasting while he is allowing foreign attack t promise to guarantee the success of an election. And then the last free people struggle against a habitat that wants to introduce level and level into the constellation: all the elements that were very similar to the daily battles of particular young people and who gave to hearts the people who may have kept anchoring. An image of the fairies, elves and the magical powers of seeing a different world from the truth that is too hidden nice from and with Harlock they would have made a whole pop imagination of activity, stimulate the future and challenge stars.

The image of a pirate pirate today is in the symbol of these radical rights on your left, we attempted several times to make counter-information– troubled the evil stakeholders with regards to misunderstanding and the history and ideas of a character. And so we were reading Harlock "angry" that it goes only under its banner and therefore only for its personal views, but those who do not have a rural area if the star is not unexpected. Sorry, Harlock has the clear view, despite breaking infinite skies t he always knows where he comes from and who should fight, that he always refuses to marry in another place, even in racial parades – goodbye blessing – just as he knows that the ultimate goal is to go home and fight for his release. .

Fight against the attack from abroad. T

It was too bad to fight for his home he chooses his own exile to save the Earth, t its people, family and friends whatever the government they manage. It was too bad for it to become an example to all those who want to make a profit or a better profit. fighting foreign invaders, maybe even collaborating with and introducing to his culture, and that's just after Harlock faced them into fighting or even dying for the war that they had forsaken them.

Then it is known as Messerschmitt t which is shown in the marked film Arcadia My Youth, which shows Harlock – Phantom Harlock II – try a German fighting person with an iron cross and swastika in the air. A scene that has been influencing the imagination of many young people "on the right" and the left side has attempted to rewrite. "Harlock's ancestor is fighting on a German plane just because it is the only way to fly, some is not enough for it" to write " About Manifesto A few years ago, with thanks to the first Italian translation in which Harlock said he was "flying alone" and using that plane because he was "the same man he found". An excellent translation even in the first, as Harlock would appear above another Nazi Messerschmitts.

The funny article about that article was that it was also launching the "newly revised edition" of the film, unfortunately. With the help and support of Harlock, it's a very easy way of interpreting, about the question of why he left by the plane with the Iron Cross, he answered dryly "For justice and thanksgiving to my nation". And the manifesto and different advocates of reading a dumb anomaly.

Matsumoto cheap person

Alternatively, look at the other jobs with him Matsumoto note that the mangaka, who has survived a nuclear disease, is not close to an accident, t This is a very different political opinion of World War II. But not only are these elements which made us the space-holder of Leiji Matsumoto's space pirate beyond all boundaries. Harlock is a great way to finish everything we enjoy exchanges between Europe and Japan, t their culture and what they did.

Although, of course, the media alone has emphasized the "pacifist" Matsumoto message which was launched in the last Lucics Comics, he was a guest of honor, everybody is welcome. T reminding the mangaka of its expression The bushidō is a source of inspiration and the teaching of Miyamoto Musashi, the most famous samurai in history was alive in the turn of the sixth and seventeenth centuries. And if war is dreadful because it is best harmony, everyone has a duty to fight in the end, to rise from every fall, loyalty to teach young people and to “not be embarrassed to tears of spirit, for the same thing as being ashamed to surrender ”, as all his characters prove, who, make a dream for the peace, also struggling to die when they need.

Synthesis between Europe and Japan

But as in Harlock we have a lot of European soul too. Matsumoto is said once and again love of European culture and that it really influenced him. As well as his cult film which he identified as a boy, he t Marianne of ma jeunesse gave the title to the titleArcadia de of my Youth, that He gave the German country Heloigenstadt d'Harlos and that gave the whole woman to the mangaka the idea, drawn by the stunning actress Marianne Hold, that one can't help in identifying. Wagnerian's victory along the cosmetic epidemic of the spaceship. As well as the saga of it The circle of the Nibelungs in which the references on Tetralogy are conspicuous, the monocular crest, with a crow on the shoulder, is suggested by a female spirit which stands beside her. "wild shooting", but cannot remember it. Father Dias Asgard.

But the influence of classical culture, passed from the name of boat boat Harlock, Arcadia, to mission and was reintroduced to Holy Streetin its own way, to rebuild Civilization as in the final of SSX (other work by Matsumoto,) t Yamato warship 2199even when lit a fire, the live memory of all the fallen members will come into battle and the connection with the Penates and Aeneas will be intriguing. And then in the war on Mazoniane and the Noo as a problem against the low nature, beast, emotional, be able to stand up. heroic life, a moving sacrifice of many of the Saxon's "secondary school" characters the burial ground for his fightingmen, the famous Tochiro Oyama figure who distinguishes himself in his work, and always wants to go further, even when he seems to be that it has come to an end, to overcome themselves and even to get across their own humanities.

Left of war against war

Harlock is literally filled with scenes, words, images, symbols, actions that, even if not reasonably understood, move the hearts of young and young people by matching them to the ancestral goals of Myth, Tradition and Heroism.
Today we are marking its 40th anniversary from the "Harlock" event in Italy and therefore, in some way, re- introduced some principles that are almost unexpectedly coming to us from that screen, from that symbol, from that flag under the guard.

Just a few months before the first album started, then Parliamentary Parliament Democracy Proletarian Silverio Corvisieri, a member of the Vigilance Rai, who was thrown in including Japanese cartoons, was launching from pages Republic anathema versus the threat of messages that differ from Japanese work such as "war of war" t. "The orgies of annihilating violence, the struggle for taking out the great opponent, the belief of electronic appliances, the visual rejection of the distinction "he wrote. Shortly after that he was less than t Nilde Iotti, who identified the souls as a dangerous and non-democratic object, forty years later Harlock's influence over the influence of Messerschmitt's ancestor may have been revealed: must be overcome by the heroes of our world heroes.

Carlomanno Adinolfi



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