God is dead and even at home, no one was so good

Last morning, a & # 39; Given his / her fourth afternoon, Baglioni had been clear: «The duet is the most spectacular situation; for truth, knowledge, music level. You can see cooperatives and exhibitions completely distinctive ». It was right. But most of all, but after his first three duets with a guest (Carta and Shade with Cristina d'Avena, Motta le Nada, Irama le Noemi), they reached 21.30 with Ligabue. When it appeared at a time that was detected; Most of the audience – the increase, when it is done, is better than it's doing higher – singing rocker Correggio; first piece, Lucidian America, and then did what he usually did as at least, at least in the public, he does not: co feel.

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Sanremo 2019, Anastasio singers but there is a controversy. Gue Pequeno against Lauro?

The strap on the staircase with the guitar guitar and the queen queen with Freddie Mercury's cover and welcomed by her hand as Queen Elizabeth Elisabetta's doll, was shown in a very new way. & Maybe a bit & # 39; to morrow because it is not too bad, but pleasing to be generous. Let your news about Ligabue, then, for confidence and desire, for one time, something different. The sequel was quite singular, when Ligabue and Baglioni sang "God is dead" by Guccini. The first one at home, Francesco is a subject. The second one, everything is right up to a certain place, not it. At home they will not be dead, but someone should not be as good. So talk, eh.

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