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Replication will relate to the topics that are in fact; Identify the different antibodies, which identify "profile of skills out".

The test, for different learning spaces, covers several topics, as required by the new legislation. Here are the subjects of the second test

In particular, Latin and Greek for the Classical Lyceum, Mathematics and Science at Science, Human Sciences and Law and Political Economics for the High School of Human Sciences – social economic, Tourism and business and English subjects for a Technical Tourism Institute , Computing and Systems and Systems for Computing Technical, Food Science and Wine Food and Wine Laboratory for the Professional Institute for Food and Wine Services. Here are examples.

Six times is enough enough for the second law?
The times are sufficiently assigned: the problems of the routes will be equal to the time available. It should also be borne in mind that the technical objectives of professional and professional education will be longer than six hours in full, due to the specific objectives of these guides.

For the second test of the classical Liceo you need to take the two dictionaries?
The dictionaries must be included both: one will be used for translation, the other for analysis and second text opinion.

Second test on the Scientific Lyceum: what is the stress of Maths and Science?
Their weight equals the number of class hours. The test is fairly fair. The problems and questions that are recommended by the basic tools and the special aims of the scientific secondary school are very close to consensus. Choosing the options in terms of the problems and the questions gives the applicant an appropriate assessment of her preparation.

Second Grammar language test: what languages ​​will be the subject of the written test and the degree of difficulty?
The languages ​​that will be authenticated are the first and third languages ​​that are displayed; identify their learning course. The level of test problem is equivalent to the European Reference Framework (CEFR). In particular, the B2C level of the CEFR will be determined for its first language. While the third language is considered, it is expected that the level B1 will be assessed.

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