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He lived 99 years ago with his body in the wrong place: what was found in the United States.  T

This dramatic discovery was made in an imaginary laboratory at the Oregon University of Health and Science, United States. The medical students cut the body of a 99-year-old woman who was dying to donate what she had left to university for being used for educational and educational purposes. scientific. When the group was opened, the undergraduates realized that there was nothing according to what they had learned in the books.

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The female's toes were put back on the other side. Or almost all of them, for certainly the heart was a normal place. All the other people, the liver, the spleen, the lungs, the venous system, in a very short time all that is within a human body is placed on another side, in a way. similar to the mirror is related to the usual place ordered by the anatomy handbooks.

The wife was known as Rose Marie Bentley and she was suffering – without knowing her – from a rare situation in a science called situs inversus. In his case he was inusus situs with "levocardia", that is, the heart is in its right place. In most cases, those affected by this particular situation are no more than 5 years, especially considering the medical knowledge of the time when Mrs Bentley was born. This did not happen to Rose Marie, who lived for nearly a hundred years although there was no row of flowers by the body, the vena cava (the biggest tooth duct at our head) was missing. complete a complete path; there were two lobsters on the right lungs instead of three and the heart at the right right had two times the norm.

The woman was a strong life and always healthy. As a young woman she was a great swimmer and had five children. Maybe a suspicion had arisen when he had to go through appendicitis: the surgeon recorded that the schedule was in the wrong place, but it came to an end. According to Cameron Walker – the professor of a clinical anatomy who carried out the laboratory exercise at the time of finding – the same procedure can be used for 50 t


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