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Hunting to 49 million of the League's League, which was a skipper who supported the mystery manager

Introducing the indefinite job of a spark player Sparkasse, who fears about finding the 49 million minutes of the League, an unexpected turn of the inquiry into the amount of waste he has been promised t caught by a scam at the time of Umberto Bossi and Francesco Belsito. And it gives the perspective of the one that the magistrates might have been the exporter from Italy, who was not involved in the searches and t now living in Switzerland, a country where the public lawyer is responsible. Meanwhile, it highlights that the Finance Police are moving through two society accounts – «Maroni presidente» and «Prima Nord Nord!» – in the hypothesis that they were representing a parallel basin t Giving some of the funds from future seizures.

The money from the maxi-scam and the foolish catches

We remember. When the Flames tried Yellow to look at 49 million official treasures, they received just a little more than 3. The Cassation ruled that the State can ban income. T in future, the League paid in installments to maintain some degree of determination and still stopped prosecutors looking for the numbers needed. It is your thesis that all monies collected illegally are not "spent for political activity", as Matteo Salvini says; but brought it to an end, the first time with Luxembourg through to the Bolzano Savings Bank, then take it back to Italy through the bank, and by saving companies that created the company. t new treasurer Giulio Centemero. So in September the armies of the Genoa tax gang and the public protesters Francesco Pinto and Paola Calleri attacked the Grand Duchy, capturing the documents and inquiry workers of a Paris trust company, who had made a suspicious investment. . It is now in that time that a vital conversation (perhaps) has been recorded. The bugs are chatting between Dario Bogni, a former finance manager for Cassa di Bolzano, and Sergio Lovecchio, finance director of the same Sparkasse (later becoming business partners in the PensPlast Investments). T ).

Conversation with the first colleague

13 September and that day some newspapers mention Genoese's identity. Bogni and Lovecchio have been cut into another criminal event, closed in Bolzano a few months ago, and the activities are available to parties, where five giants Sparkasse respond to "treat inside" and "deceit in the preview".

But at some point the conversation turns on the Luxembourg blitz and it becomes a shade of recycling the League. Bogni expresses concern, as it may be audited by inspectors. The question and answer will be sent to the Superintendent's Office in Genoa, who will ask for a list of Lugano documents, following a correct letter, and which he would like to hear from Bogni now consider the main ones. For a long time they decided to be a "magician" of treasures and close to the League area of ​​the North, he left the South Tyrolean center in spring 2015, during a period of considerable change from managers and officials. its first level.

Connecting the times

It is true, on paper, that the 10 million argument in Luxembourg through Sparkasse (3 million return in February 2018, shortly after the adoption of a similar sum to the League) was returned to half the year. T 2016, when Bogus theory was no longer in Bolzano Bank; and it is true that Sparkasse had always been repeated in the same manner as that money to internal assets within the organization and that they had no interest with the Caroccio, which included the accounts in relation to t Finally, they have to close officially at the end of 2014. But then why did the former executive officer, who already had the money that had been put on, know I have a lot of information about it, giving such a sentence after learning about the vision in Luxembourg? It should be noted that Dario Bogni, currently active, is in the 8A + company, which has a branch based on operations by the Grand Duchy.

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