in it, the third program of the exhibition highlights the talents of Maria De Filippi


The third presentation of the talent exhibition Maria De Filippi

The third program of the Evening of Friends 18 he opened with the studio access to Maria De Filippi who introduced students from both teams. As soon as he understood the usual liability and factual interview for the two artistic directors: Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo. We are going to look at the races, the performance of the guests or the three boys a & # 39; flight and the elimination of promise. (Follow photo)

Friends 2019: first race

Maria De Filippi this has taken the decision to read the production: ok to televoting for the first time, and not out of office Jefeo from the very running. The first test was then: banning, wishing Berte for all the singers. What they can't use autotuning. Jefeo struck each other Mameli. Jefeo Sei sung bellissima. Bertè said:

"You are out of tune, you are not without a trash."

Then there was a square between it Mameli and judge time. To the Blue singer the TV has been hit. Umberto vs Valentina, a style comparing. Umberto, 1-1 struck. Third test: Tim, Tish face Giordana. Fourth time of Friends 18: Vincenzo and Rafael. New test, Mameli against the young face Alberto Urso.

The first expedition the white team won (due to the influence of Giordana in the third tour). Bettorio Grigolo promised to the Sicily dancer Vincenzo, getting 90% of the votes, so he saved himself. Finally Loredana Bertè sent him away.

Friends 2019: second race races

The second test: Giordana-Mameli the face of Tish. Now the committee is voting. Tish is delayed Ornella Vanoni. Giordana and Mameli sang with him Il Volo. The winner was the Blues Singer. Umberto against Alberto. Alberto, 2 to 0, won the blues. Third test: Rafael against Vincenzo. He was very grateful to the white dancer.

In a & # 39; Alvis against Valentina. He won, 2-1 for the blues. A new way to make sure the second run is eliminated. Ricky Martin can choose a single test that will decide who won the race, choosing Giordana. Although Grigolo and Vincenzo. The second race (as a result of the last final test) t white people won and Vittorio wrestled on Alberto, winning. So the laughty piece Pio and Amedeo.

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