In London the Ultra Low Temperature Area will be released: the more you pollute, the more you pay

The more you pollution, the more you will pay. And I pay dearly. Yesterday was officially given at London the "phase two" of the anti-pollution strategy produced by the mayor of the British capital Sadiq Khan: one t Zone Distribution of Ultra-low in which vehicles can enter "free" only if they are meeting certain requirements emissions or, if not, paying a higher level or lower based on the levels of homecoming. Strategies different from the one adopted in cities as Milan, where Area B is accessible (but just gone out ”can only be Euro 3 and diesel lower). T ) to "buy" Area B, the largest LTZ in Italy comes to effect in Milan: a stop for Euro 3 Diesel.

a & # 39; minimum levels There is no fee for entering the ULEZ (different for your lecture) Concessions Taxsee below) tEuro 4 for petrol vehicles (thus, in general, those sold since 2005, even if the first Euro 4 monuments had already arrived in 2001) and tEuro 6 for diesel cars (after 2015).

Milan Area B: 500 km extra for retailers with Euro 3 and 4 diesel

26 November

Area B: the biggest LTZ in Italy comes to strength in Milan | Stop the Diesel Euro 3

February 25

So all petrol vehicles reported in the copyright book before Euro 4 (Euro 6 for diesel) are responsible for one payment. everyday rate (ULEZ tax) of 12.50 pounds (14.49 euro). As might be expected, this does not mean that those who comply with the latest standards can join the center free of charge: it is still in force. Concessions Tax, or the stage 11.50 pound all vehicles need to pay to get into the main part of the UK capital (concessions and exemptions are available for some types of drivers, such as residents in the area).

We prefer to use cars that comply with the most up-to-date standards and not pay a daily tax.

Salata is also the same sanctions for those who should break: t Pound 160 (185.45 euro), reduced to 80 pounds if payment is made within 14 days of receipt of notification.

a & # 39; You got paid it can be made digitally through the service Time Pay (it is necessary to register to a portal that pays a fee of 10 pounds per year, the system of access is recognized by obtaining the amount due), app TfL Payto was drunk in London, profession figures 0343 222 2222 (from the UK), +44 20 7649 9122 (from abroad) or by sending t SMS to number 020 7649 9123.

You don't have to pay the ULEZ fee to show you've gone to ULEZ for a medical examination at an NHS hospital. At the moment, the ULEZ already applies to the area where Congestion Tax is effectively affected. (see map above), but starting from 2025 the area with very low emissions will cover the whole urban area, extending up to -Recession and South Circular Roads. All Ultra low-ground temperature information is available on the Transport for London company website (link in SOURCE).

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