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The 80-page code was published on Tav with a cost of benefit to the French ambassador yesterday shortly after 6pm. It is almost no war warranty. Given that the conclusions, as are generally expected, do not appear; escaping to the Turin-Lyon. Indeed, it could not be clearer than the end of the work, which was written in black and white with the technicians chosen by Danilo Toninelli. A situation that France does not divide. Just another day by the Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne, has invited Italy to move forward, to take account of the commitments undertaken internationally with Paris and Europe. On the same line, as is known, also Brussels, who again said that our country could be 1.2 billion euros, including penalties and money back to the EU. Indeed, the contracts must be respected, as well as on the French side they have excavated 25 kilometers of tunnels, as well as in Italy the open gardens are open. It is considered that strategic trade, essential for connecting the two countries and developing businesses.

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In addition, in Paris, they know well that its commission has been created. A negative case, although it is split into, composed of tutors and experts named by No-Tav, begin with a & # 39; President Marco Ponti. Five out of six parts are directly or indirectly connected to companies called Ponti as an uncertain landlord. Nothing is really bad, but the guidance, repeating in the text, is likewise: you need to hit the road and not on the iron. The costs to complete the work, say MIT experts, are more than the benefits. Indeed, by fact, about 7 billion. Dissertation to be confirmed because it is based on very weak arguments. Therefore, so that one of the members of the commission would be away from the results identified in the findings. Due to the number that, as expected by Messenger, would have three important things.

The statements
On the one hand, the report shows that the work should not be completed because the traffic between Italy and France would be; falling dramatically over the next few years. An exhibition compared to the data processed by Bocconi and other independent search locations. The second point is related to its & # 39; The decline in diesel tax duties and the tax income proportion that could be prejudiced by the state's coffins as a result of moving traffic from road to highways , a & # 39; one offsion of land. The third point is related to its & # 39; Compared to other infrastructure works, where there is a gap that is too high in terms of spending and spending resources. However, the penalties that may be paid, by law, can not reach up to 3.4 billion if it stops. Not to mention the money that has been returned to the EU.
He is now up to the Christian Masset Ambassador to send the document to Paris, to Telt for accuracy, for proper analysis. Toninelli and Borne agreed corridor. A "starting point for communication between the two executive officers", Ministerial and Transport reports. Shortly, added, there will be a two-dimensional meeting. A similar method will be followed by the European Union before the declaration and declaration of its decision remains confidential. Indeed, Toninelli interpreters want to close the game within two weeks and are not willing to spend time. Patience is almost even even for Matteo Salvini. The leader of the League continues to Aspire to aggression and attacks: he must "care for people who say there is a translation between the authority not to proceed and stop the Tav". Instead, he speaks "low for the Parliament and the Italians", the parliamentary of Forza Italia Osvaldo Napoli. "So the French government will learn about the critical and imaginative analysis of criticism." The delivery of analysis to French, which opposed the opposition, come after the European Union's warning of the potential effects of Italy's delay on the assets made to the work. Co-evaluation that helps you to think the application is ready for months.

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