in the evening bom Five (Video)

Five Five Evening

Today's Canale 5 new program Fivefold. Also on Tuesday the program is directed by Barbara D´Urso Broadcast by studio Cinecittà in Rome.

After the page dedicated to the history, the Neapolitan musician opened a long distance on the 16th edition of the edition. Big Brother. In particular, he talked about the competitors who entered Italy's largest house which were looking after Italy, but also some details which he received very early on yesterday.

There was Lady Cologno Roger Garth, Guandalina Tavassi, Simone Coccia Colaiuta, in association with Milan, Serena Garitta. And the great-grand-gieffina of Campania was the big exhibitor of this year's competition. Let's see what happened at Five Afternoon.

Cristian Imparato would have a relationship with Palermo's hairdresser

"Cristian Imparato got into my hairdresser",

This is what it is today Fivefold Composed by a former competitor Grande Fratello 11, Guandalina Tavassi. However, confirmation was made at the outset Roger Garth. It is unlikely that quotes from everyone, in particular, proofed to Barbara D'uUrso, immediately asked the old ship: t

"But Cristian did not let him be equal."

Carmelita might have forgotten about it, but last night when the collator was Cristiano Malgioglio who says that GF 16 has at least three and a half people, the lookout said that it was, but only Cristian Imparato recommend that you know your sexual orientation.

The Guendalina Tavassi bomb

Guandalina Tavassi in the evening Cinque tried to protect him like this:

'That's why I wouldn't want to say it but Roger always decides everything about it. "

Apparently, the romantic connection between this Cristian Imparato and the hairdresser Palermo would still be ready:

"They're not together now, but I know they have been going for a while. The hairdresser says Cristian has also reduced his bills and kissed them."

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