ING Bank is blocking the release of new accounts following the Amazon scam

enter an straight orange accountING Bank that he cannot open up to date day accounts being on a new order because they will take over bank face the Amazon face steered by guidance hackers strangers against the Dutch institution. The bank is not losing the truth but the customers are Amazon and Airbnb which has been awakened and taken off by offenders – as a result of a bug in the security system. Studies are ongoing and the blocking for opening of Orange's current accounts is ordered at the time.

Block the Orange now: the scam doesn't allow you to open a booklet

Although assessment for tax is on-going Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, BPM and other Italian banks involved in diamond fraud, we speak from the Netherlands t ING Direct This was because the security systems were so light that they were actively involved in the incident cuttings for wrong purchase trades.

It seems the bank needs to pay a very high fine, as in the past, a program which required a fine of 750 million euro in order to find security problems. History repeats automatically and it appears that they are still the same hackers to advantage the institution, it must respond to competition and administrative responsibility, as it is cyber convicts achieved success in one thing backdoor formalize current accounts. The bank suggests a comment you can read:

"In close co-operation and agreement with the Bank Of Italia, Ing Italia will stop new customer sales during the period necessary to deepen development plans" with the managing authority. Ing also undertakes to maintain a full service to existing Italian users. In future days Ing will be working hard to address the deficiencies and address the critical issues ”.

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