It was approved by the GMM, but it is a fight: remove the media conference. Matteo Salvini: "I'm satisfied"

a & # 39; The Council of Ministers he agreed the Def, after half an hour to a meeting. where the air was very tight. So much that the final conference would be finished. Why? According to some sources of M5an governmentas explained by the ActAdnkronosdissatisfaction with regard to the subject of VAT. How do you always writeAdnkronosindeed, as well as being sent back to the media conference, the Minister for Economy t Giovanni Tria, it would have been clearly stated interest it must be made with detailed, clear and limited criteria, or, therefore, constraints on increasing VAT are as follows: that both starting points would take between 30-40 billion. Too much override the state's integrity. The next phase is from the sources of government identified by the organization

"The M5S is not keen. He wants more reassurance about the cessation of the increase in VAT, with the unnecessary enforcement of necessary protection records," grilline Wells ". But the 5 stars are counting stomach pain inside even on the flat tax, "what is t that's going: just two lines in an insulting part of what is a 'document of economic and financial planning. The economic and financial document proving government programs of budget law and compliance with the objectives set by the EU Commission. There are no new charges or any corrective action. Growth for 2019 is 0.2% based t, his note of the news issued by the Council.

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As well as the rumors that there is a disagreement that has not generally taken control, the idea is Matteo Salvini: "We're not going back to 100, not to increase VAT"According to the League Director, the same fee is mentioned in the document" tin two phases"So the words Luigi Di Maio: “By submitting the C flat flat in the Def which is sent to the middle class as we asked for it, and not just in the common sense, meaning. I am very happy. Continuing like this, starting the fresh back in the country, pushing for growth and supporting needy families, really t not promise of promise as previously done, "he said.

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