MAURIZIO COSTANZO AT POMERIGGIO 5 / Video, the relationship with Mike Bongiorno and Corrado: "Together to the end"

Maurizio Costanzo, during the interview by Evening 5, covering different topics. Amongst the main is the beautiful relationship with Maria De Filippi, a fourth woman, who was about 25 years of love. However, with a series of films, Costanzo also finds several minutes of job and friendship with good names of Italian technology in the past and not. Barbara Drso asks the director more information about him and Constanzo says: "With Mike Bongiorno we were always sympathetic, always shouting about the faux pass." Maurizio agrees, who is the Then we added – We met when we made the radio and came to the end. I have been a close friend of Enzo Tortora and I found it unfortunately that he arrested , there was a crisis in justice, "the director still admits. Constantius then sent to Mr. Urso with his promise to return to her. (TheClick here for a video of the interview)


Maurizio Costanzo He will be a leading artist, in today's magazine Evening 5, interviewed her by Mrs. Barbara. Large page of television, as the only director expected in the preview of the new post with Channel 5 broadcasting, which he intended: "Today, I can finally interview facing the face of Urso to face with a large Italian television, Maurizio Costanzao! ". The reporter also said that there will be a lot of amazement and unpublished images that we will take on the main stages of the role of journalist, director and Romanian writer, along with world-famous tunes of the sport world. It is undoubtedly that Maurizio Costanzo was a very important year that he added to the new Il Tritolo e le rose book, and he will almost certainly Speaking as long as he's an interview at Afternoon 5. It's about a book in which Costanzo tells his nineteen memorial, for "years of tritium and roses," in fact , "beautiful roars and a beautiful firearm". (Emanuela Longo)


Finally, the interview is coming, which is & # 39; Expectations of a film that summarizes Maurizio Costanzo's role and success. He begins with his book "Il tritolo e le rose", and Costanzo says "The roses are the marriage to Maria, the TNT is the attack – and remember – Unless change my car, you did the interview from the other side. "The focus then goes to & # 39; Moving on the relationship with Maria De Filippi: "I'm really missed, after 25 years the cross is between respect, love, love, friendship, feelings together. stay in the beauty of everything. "But then there is a bad point that's; come with the diet that De Filippi attempts to do. "He thinks I'm going to eat ice cream similar to the sorbet, he does not know anything about it – telling Costanzo to Drso – There's no sugar, it's not or so, it's like eating an eyelid. "And here, in the studio, find Costanzo's delicious chocolate ice cream and enjoyment.

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