New change for death Duccio Dini – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 5 FEB – New change to death
Duccio Dini, who was 29 years old was over 10 June, long and it was
Stop at a traffic light scooter at Florence in Canova, from
a car was involved in Roma's rule for rule
of accounts. The Carabinieri made a grip
careful measure against the seventh member of the group
participants were involved, ordered by his investigator Angelo Pezzuti when asked
Tommaso Coletta's time. Receiver of Kjamuran supply
Amedt, 38, who lived at Nomad Poderaccio camp.

According to the studies, based on the biological marks found
On the S60 Face, the car that goes on, even 38 years old
to find a query on the site of her & # 39; penal clan in town
against his brother-in-law Rufat Bajram. Whatever it would be
traveling to sit in the back seat of the Volvo. Even wounded
would be hiding. The carabinieri has been rebuilt
that he had been threatening the previous days
Rufat, the father and other members of the family.



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