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Nicolò, who died at the age of 27 of antibiotics. Dad: "Search that drug"

Nicolò, who died aged 27 after taking an antibiotic. Dad:

Death from taking a drug that it should heal. Family families Nicolò Daversa27 years old, from Falconara, they want a death removed from their son's death: on 9 March Nicolò died in hospital in Jesi, where he had been in This was followed by a serious epidemic following an antibiotic having taken two days previously, which had caused a anaphylactic lock at home with his beloved in Ancona.

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A month after the death of his son his father speaks. «We would like to understand whether or not our GP practice was administering such powerful drugs, that Nicolò had never been employed on, never visited: in addition, the recipe was recorded to me – explain Antonio Daversa -. But beyond this we are wanting to be put to the bottom of the imported drug, as in Italy the cases of death are possibly linked to the administration of this drug. In addition to my son, there is also a Cassino lord but also 47 years of death at Calabria in August 2016 and others. t».

Nicolò's family members have been responsible for an escort Spa Studio 3A-Valore. They want to know if their child's death, at the age of 27, was really caused by an allergic reaction to a drug taken to make a sore throat. "We are asking the Ministry of Health to take action to install this medicine for monitoring and controlling to prevent adverse effects or to establish if there were any errors in the creation of some medicines And why didn't Nicolò's death, at least, be inside it and that he could save another life. ".

His family turned to the family doctor, Marcello Moscoloni, 67, with a studio and a resident in Falconara. According to the parents, he would not have visited him, giving him an injection of antibiotic, an antibiotic antibiotic reliable, contains the same active tool Rocefinwho, at the time, had gone, according to the parents, had already been appointed. Family members complained to the public procurator fiscal on 19 March and prosecutor Andra Laurino opened a file to attack the doctor's examination.

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