Northern pollen poles move 55 km per year, these are the effects – Externally

Rome, 5 February 2019 – Il north pole north terrestrial travel to the East. It's not the case, say those who are familiar with the truth & # 39;pol-migration. But the novel is in a & # 39; speed of this shift. In recent years, a moving mobility in Northern Ireland – which is a Following an accident from the Arctic of Canada to Siberia – has passed accelerate Amazingly, she'll reach it 55 kilometers per year. The estimate of the Noaa (the American group for exploring the atmosphere and the seas), which has been published in advance of a new year A permanent model of Earth to allow the navigation and marine seabirds to be updated.

BACKGROUND – The north pole was set for a & # 39; The first time in the Canadian Arctic: it was 1831. Since then it has moved to 2,300 kilometers on the side of Siberia. To comment on the size of its acceleration it is enough to do so the travel distance is more frequent in three in less than 20 years. Since 2000 it has risen from around 15 km / year to 55km / year. But what's it After it? The continuous move of the cell to the north is; including a problem for compassion and for other electronic devices, for civil and military use. There are even planes and longs based on equipment north, usually as a reservation system.

US armored armies, for example, use tools that are available. find equipment north for sailing and also want to launch paratroops – a & # 39; remember the same note. Even the airport routes they are named according to their alignment to the north pole. NASA uses similar technologies for researching, mapping, analyzing antennas and satellites, from the app on mobile phones that can be used; Compass & Compass, Gps, Maps, and so on.

The postal condition of the north was brought up every five years and it was anticipated that the last estimate for 2020 but it was early for "unexpected changes in the Arctic section" – says the Noaa – which shows early acceleration of the migration scene. Data of & # 39;World Magnetic Modalthey were also scheduled for mid-January, but the move was due to the closure of the United States, which prevented US federal government administrative functions.

TO MAKE IT – Il magnetic field It is fundamental to life on Earth, because it is connected to & # 39; planet in unexpected shells that protect it from a dangerous sun and cosmic radia, which are harmful to health. The reason is to make a very fast place north to north disturbing the outer energy form of the earth's heart (the powlan will move a pretty much slower instead of that). Accelerated, coupled with the general weakening of the Earth's magnetic range – according to the experts – a signal; show estimateturning of the magnetic poles, which happened 100 times in 170 million years (780 thousand years ago) and lasted at least a thousand years.

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