Not just Piatek who is in Milan, Donnarumma is a there. After the talented talented platform for money and reputation, after criticism and problems, the quality of quality has now begun: it is already 20 years in the fourth competition with the person. He will decide the games and is already in Buffon steps …

6 February 2019 – 01:24

Perhaps we're forgetting her & # 39; case the new one Buffon In the coming years we have it Milan. Most of the restarts Milan From the bottom of the site is not worth not just the aims Piatek, but above everything Donnarumma. Out of fact, Donnarumma all stigmatism, as well as behavior and confidence, are very good management, it is very fast, reaches the ground. And the technical skills now include the safety of those who begin to gather knowledge: Donnarumma which is not yet finished 20 years (will be made on 25 February) and he is already in his fourth Serie A award as a director.

a & # 39; supercontratto from six million seasons listed 18 years of age in the summer 2017, and that many problems then cost, have been & # 39; Sadly, but that level is positively achieved. He won blows and harassment, who overwhelmed difficulties and difficulties, eventually completed the talented talent for money and reputation, at the end it was really shown that the boy is higher, not a person keep the others. Donnarumma came as a whole, quality going to see levels Buffon, the previous person and a few of his parents national. He plans to bring forward its levels.

I do not believe for the kind that is and especially the procurator who is capable of thinking about a & # 39; do all the job MilanAs soon as the opportunity comes, he will throw himself into the arms of a large European club that will win and be even more prosperous. But to find out, the first one needs a lot Milan and to the national. It may allow them to win something. It takes a while, but it may be successful.

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