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Nvidia Mellanox was awarded $ 6.9 billion

Intel Nvidia burned in the race for Mellanox to get to; add $ 6.9 billion on a flat.

Nvidia officially named as an Israelis company Mellanox for a complete decision of 6.9 billion dollars, with a cost of $ 125 per department – a 14% price on Friday's closing price. Intel was previously connected to Intel. The work, which should be completed by the end of the year, will connect two main companies in the high-quality computing (HPC) department.

Together, the Nvidia GPUs and the connections between Mellanox (InfiniBand) allow more than 250 computerized computers of TOP 500 levels to address the challenges represented by data analysis, scientific computing and artificial knowledge. "Le Mellanox, Nvidia will make the most of the best media media users across computer, network and store to achieve higher performance, increased use and lower operating costs for customers, "read newsletters.

According to the Director of Nvidia and its founder, Jensen Huang, a lot like hand-held handheld and data science experience, has erased the unexpected application for computing capability in dathaenters. "By addressing the & # 39; This question requires a complete architecture Link a large number of smartproofing fasteners to create a large device. "

"We are happy to participate in our fast computing platform with the only accelerated Mellanox network under one roof to create e-generation generatorial computer solutions. I am delighted to be work closely with the visual leaders of Mellanox and their amazing people to create computers to tomorrow. "

"We share the same vision for accelerated numeracy Nvidia"Eyal Waldman, founder and Head of Mellanox, said:" It is a natural expansion of our partnership; a combination of our two companies, and it's a great game for our shared cultures based on performance. "

Companies have a long history of collaboration and innovation, which is reflected in what they have done recently to the construction of the fastest two world-class computers, Sierra and Summit, governed by the US Department of Energy. Many of the world's leading solar service providers who use Nvidia GPUs and Mellanox are interconnected.

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