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Outcome-earner listeners citizenship income: for now only one of the people the name has called for is of benefit. A total of 80,6878 applications have already been reduced on the INPS platform which will be paid from the end of April to early May, if they are considered appropriate. For the Deputy Secretary for Labor Claudio Cominardi they connect with audiences of 2.5 million real beneficiaries. “2.5 million people have been a very good result in a few weeks' time. Anyone may not be required to comply with the requirements and is refused by INPS. But the other point is. Income is a re-social citizenship which aims to reward those who live in poverty, "explained to Deputy Secretary Via Fornovo to Il Messaggero. T The fact is that in the technical report which relates to the commandment issued by the pantomime work horse, about 4.9 million people could be mentioned. T is available for 1.7 million nuclear.

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Repayment banks, which are eligible: automatics under 35,000 euros

The appeal does not therefore have 2.4 million citizens. At this point, the M5S aims to access at least 85 per cent of those on paper that is worthy of benefit, or 4 million people: to cross the finish line at least five hundred thousand questions t (it was expected that it would receive an estimated 1.3 million total applications). While the election campaign for European Championships in May is now live, the war draw is on the symbolic steps yet to be flown from pentastellatos and leaguers coming towards it, starting from the levy. horizontally, the spotlight is lit on those already started, to begin directly from citizenship income which is clearly emerge from results.

Of the 806,878 subsidy applications claimed on the INPS platform, a third is from Campania (137,000 applications) and from Sicily (128,000). More than 78,000 of these were in only Naples, or more than they received from the whole Lombardy, at 71,310. However, for the Deputy Secretary of the Chinquestelle Claudio Cominardi, this is already a very good result: "Income is a tool which is first picked to deal with work t By recording equal numbers in areas where there is a generally good spread of work, we expect members to continue to grow. Lazio won the third phase of the podium with 73.861 questions accepted by INPS. Just 56,000 for Calabria. To date 45,876 has come from Piedmont. Twenty thousand miles from Veneto. Less than twenty miles from Liguria. Below the ten miles now is from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Basilicata and Umbria. A thousand people from Alto Adige from Bolzano received 356 applications from Rome 50.840.

The questions from under 25 years can be counted on the fingers: they make up to 3 per cent of the total. Those who started under the age of 40 are 26 per cent. The changes that will take place between the end of April and the beginning of May will also be less than expected. Only ten days ago the Labor Ministry made a solid commitment that the proposals launched in March had exceeded 850,000 and the beneficiaries were 2.8 million. But now the new census shows that those who build up the INPS, which pays their first monthly payment in 20 days, are less than 806 miles, the same as three t a thousand fewer beneficiaries compared with the 2.8 million lighted at the end of March Fornovo. The good news is that the resources allocated to judge the bonus, 7.1 billion euros, about one billion for the renewal of employment centers and other facilities are involved in the redevelopment of Cinquestelle, gender benefits. this stage is not at risk of running out too fast, causing the government to find new ones to sustain their support. The bad person, for the pentastellatos, is that the bank in citizenship income which is still half full of energy affects the effectiveness of the working horse in fine level.


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