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Opinions Poste Italiane in April 2019: open employment roles and needs

Italian employment requirements in April

There will be different situations Poste Italiane for a month April 2019. In particular they are looking for letter carriers in Emilia Romagna, but these are not the only ones. open space. Last advice on the recruitment page can be found on the Poste website. So we need to determine the current places available and the type of recruitment envisaged in April 2019 by Poste Italiane.

Opinions Poste Italiane April 2019: financial advisers

Among the offerings can be found on the Poste Italiane website, the one based on the research of the showrooms. graduates for financial and commercial consultation (young image) t in the market / commercial sector (location code: 0000220).

There's a 39; requirements You need the following for this profile.

  • Masters Degree in Economic Control (Economics, Business Economics, Economics, Financial Agencies and Markets; Banking and Insurance Science, Economics, Financial Intermediaries, Statistical Sciences). The path must have been gained with the final vote is not less than 102/110.
  • Strong trading skills, a strong customer base and dynamism.

Professional experience, instead, involves very good knowledge of tools Automation Office.

The elected candidates will be included in the election
post office network all over Italy. The campaign
so the preamble associated with this profile has been sent to the whole land.

Selected candidates will be given the option to t apprenticeship contract for up to 36 months.

Poste Italiane Comments April 2019: tendering for staff

The second profile desired is the answer logistics staff (Location code: 0000222). "SDA Courier Express, which is the company of the Poste Italiane Group and is the only partner for logic and distribution management, looking to introduce staff as Logistics Officers at a different t Bologna Area Interporto".

Actions to be carried out

a & # 39; activities to be completed and the skills required are as follows.

  • Control the access to vehicles to an entry site and result for loading / unloading;
  • Seal of integrity of the seal;
  • Arrange vehicle capacity on the passenger / load co-ordination with the control room and the apron managers;
  • Use of special traffic management application;
  • Checking doctrine activities at bleaching / decommissioning bays by using manual systems to lock / open vehicles;
  • The correct position of the vehicles co-ordinated by the instructions provided by the control room and The Guardia Outside.

Requirements and other useful information

There's a 39; requirements The following are required.

  • Previous experience of handling of goods and apron management activities;
  • A chance to work at night.

The workplace is Bologna Interporto. Poste states that the start of the selection process will be expected by a call from Human Resources SDA Express Courier. After this there will be a call to a main company office to do certain examinations. no logical reasoning test and, if it is successful, t a separate interview.

Opinions Poste Italiane 2019: asking postman
Emilia Romagna

The final situation is openly worrying postage (Location code: 0000223), but only for some areas of Emilia Romagna. The requirements are therefore the following.

  • Secondary school diploma in vote
    at least 70/100 or a university degree, which is a three-year, minimum degree
  • A valid driving license
    motor vehicle management.

However, in terms of professional knowledge, specialist knowledge is not required.

Type of contract and workplace

Selected candidates will be issued a fixed-term contract starting from April / May 2019, to specific industry needs in terms of both numbers and distance.

The workplace will be in Emilia Romagna, in the areas of Piacenza, Reggio nell, Emilia, Modena and Ferrara. Finally, the work areas will be defined according to industry need.

The selection process

The selection process starts with the call from Regional Human Resources Poste Italiane. And it can be done in 2 ways.

  • Visit in the Company office to provide a logical reasoning test;
  • Send email to the email address the company, appointed by Poste, was sent by Giunti OS to administer the logical test.

Who will go through the first test before the next election stage. This will involve driving the bike 125 cc full of mouse. T The test participants will also conduct a short interview at the company that will be focused on their first test. Finally, to deal with the tests, you will need to provide the required documents which confirm the certificate and the level obtained.

The notice is valid until Monday 8 April 2019.



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