PHOTO – Stop connecting with Genoa! Curve A-Curve B: "There is no guarantee for breeding. Flags of dead enemies …"

Concluding about breaking the link between Naples and Genoa, a historical friendship – the oldest in the football world – which has lasted from 1982. By making sure the message is clear – signed Loop A and Curve B – who is reading: "We trust in this publication stop the friendship relationship which has been affiliated to Genoa people for about 40 years, repeating that this is the only way for communication, recognized in our world and it really reflects, the same voice that is at our bulbs, taking a distance from the previous messages. or virtual publications that people do not represent our thinking.

40 years has not been destroyed by spong, but understand each other's shortcomings, in the finish of displaying banners for their late enemies, but yet look at ambush (unappreciated) for a couple.

We need to address personal relationships which are not extended to appropriate groups and moved on some doubts about living our vigor are a remarkable and unique move such as in the past decades where we have shared enemies and shared values.

The stretch of road we made together does not go out of decay, and we will not eradicate the times we spent together, just as we do not predict that there is a breach of relationships. social and citizens raised over time, but we intend to continue with a common and shared pathway, as lack of opportunity is recognized in those individual gems having been scarce ”.

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