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price and product in Italy, these are the official versions

Samsung Galaxy S10: price and freedom in Italy, here are the official drafts

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release

The new top of the Samsung range is Galaxy S10 It will be delivered on 20 February at an event organized by a South Choir company in San Francisco. In order to come to market, instead, there must be a wait at least; first week of March. At the same time, facts are increasingly declining at the highly anticipated smartphone price.

Samsung Galaxy S10: three versions

The Galaxy S10 is available – also in Italy – in three versions. The standard model, the Lite module and, finally, the Plus model (6.4-inch display). So each one has different versions of Ram and storage space.

The Galaxy S10 will have 6GB or 8 Gb of Ram, so 128 or 512 Gb of internal memory, individual, cost 929 and 1179 euros. The same thing applies to its & # 39; Galaxy S10 Plus, with costs of 6GB versions of RAM / 128GB of memory and 8GB of RAM / 512 GB of memory 1049 and 1299 barley.

Samsung Galaxy S10: and the "super" version

Even at "super" Galaxy S10 Plus – named Galaxy S10 X? – with 12 GB of RAM and 1 Tb of memory that has a charge 1599 barley. The last ones may be able to support the 5G nets that are very fast and the back of the clay shell (which affects impact and scratch). However, Samsung Galaxy 10 Lite is only 6 GB of RAM with 128 gb of storage: cost 779 barley.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will be black, bright, yellow and green, the yellow time for the Plus, black, white and green, there will also be two special pages. In addition to that, according to the latest news articles reported by Samsung, Samsung has the three smart phones from three to five cameras.



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