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recipes and food, comes to 7 days?

Dukan Diet: recipes and food, comes to 7 days?

How to make the diet and the Dukan results

It bans too many notes without too many bodies, it has been tested – with stunning results – with the star system and duchess Kate Middelton, and, as a whole, the pair shouldn't be delays in arrival: if it was not for a nutritional opinion, a Dukan dietary diet will be present in every way including good qualifications. Let us now see in the stages what food process was proposed by his engineer, Dr. Pierre Dukan, who declared, the results it gives and the reasons why this nutritional system has not given full agreement to the scientific community.

Dietan Diet's diet plan: the levels

Attack, cruise, seizure and maintenance of the name of each step in which the diet is signed by the French doctor is divided t Pierre Dukan, following the idea that he continued to try a patient in a short time, and nevertheless calls on him to lose weight in low calorie, only as he was not expecting it. meat. Lots of water and continued conscience, this is the doctor's advice. And this is the idea on which he developed the foundations of the diet that name. But what are the different levels?

Diet Mima Fasting: the Valter Longo scheme and who did it. Feedback

From the attack on maintenance, to hare

attack: it lasts from 3 up to a maximum of 10 days, where only protein food is consumed (such as white meat, dirty fat, shellfish, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc). Other macro-feeding is banned.

cruise ships: The vegetables have been added (not suitable for seasons) next to the proteins. Grain, pulsan and fruit are still avoided, and this can only be done in the next step.

consolidation: as it is named, this is the time that patients can add fruits and vegetables to its foods, looking to take over from providing bananas, siries and grapes t . A small amount of carbohydrate comes to the table, including wholemeal pasta and pasta.

Preservation: from the slimming regime, the plant Dukan goes on to tell the diet of life for life. What are the requirements? Subject nutrition will continue following the consolidation rules, but once a week it eats depending on the stage of the first stage, the level of attack, and so on protein quotas only.

Dukan diet: does it work? Why is it not recommended?

The results for the famous Dukan diet test are very clear. Experts usually have experts to be thus preventing the use of protein is important: the body was going into the state ketosisdue to the impact of unfairness in fair balance in nutrition.

Dr. Dukan, although high, is not the risk of proteins that are expected to be dangerous in the body, because the length of the attack is fairly short-lived at the critical time. Including carbohydrates; minerals salt and sugar show normal values ​​but avoid yo-yo effects, without trying the patient.



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