Renault Scenic 2019: a trial on the 1.7 blue dCI engine

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Matteo Gallucci

ACHD RIPASSONE IV It's not new products, in fact the news is under the skin Renault Scenic (and the Grand Scenic) get a new oil core
from 1.7 liters with two levels of power: 120 or 150 hp. a & # 39; fourth generation it does not change historically and remains loyal to the original aim: to be practical and practical
flexible configuration as a minivan comparison and with highly decorative style and design. His part dimensions they're 4.41 meters long, 1.87 height and 1.65 wide
a generous basis of 2.73 with thanks to the wheels placed on the car's head.

MAKING YOUR RIGHTS RIGHTS It is the same car section C to propose a series large 20-inch wheels successful implementation at a level
to be aware of that Renault has made arrangements
17-inch tariff prices are the most common for prices in the main tapering companies. In addition, comfort is not punished by the option of being wearing
lower tires and narrow (195 mm).

MY BRAMES REVIEW When you go on a board where the total attention is just 8.7 cm in the middle, the "wow" effect is naturally. At the top
the area is decorated with ainfotainment R-Link 2system, including TomTom navigation system, Bluetooth connections, audio system Bose Sound and System (11
speakers and subwoofers) and compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto protocol. From this hard board, we can also change the soul of the Scenes by choosing between 5 modes of the form
Emo-SEEComfort, Neutral, Sport, Lost and Ego.

HELPING HELP Everything you need is included in the list ADAS. A speedy pace controller that keeps the safe distance right from the vehicle
thereafter, an automatic emergency braking with the identification of walkers and the maintenance of an active line, which automatically corrects the instructions in a case in favor of the introduction voluntarily.
road. To be in control there is also the profit Make a big presentation (in color) that indicates distance travel, road signs and direct directions in
Screening, re-drawing, in front of the driver. For those who want to park independently, the system is also available Easy Park Assist that has 12 senses in which it is assessing distance
the car park independently in both the parallel areas and the herring herring fields.

WHO ETA BETA? It is impossible to find the space required to store the items on board. There's a 39; the room is scattered for full potential 63
Full lyrics
. The distinctive feature of the drawer in front of the front passenger (13 liters) and the deep section of the central tunnel (which can slide forward or backwards) is very large. Useful
a & # 39; two USB pockets for those sitting in the back of the division, the division consists of two parts which slide for 14 cm and includes a single button. One Touch-
to have modular stock bi to pass 506 to 1,554 liters available.

ABOUT HE To get a top pocket Renault Scenic not only is it broad and comfortable, but very clear. Credit goes beyond everything panoramic glass roof
was based
without crossroads. The view of the sky is always certain and if there are no stars for watching but a warm sunshine there is a convenient one if needed
curtain by motor hid him.

WORKING IN PROGRESS How is it going on the road? To get his first driving experience with a new Renault Scenic diesel engine, he's still reading "As it goes"here

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