Rome, unions in the section for the work of Landini: "The government will return or suffer, and the change is"

Cgil, Cisl and Uil go down to her square a Rome for a national show with the slogan "Future at work", invites the government to change economic policy. "Di Maio is just meeting the yellow fairs but not the Italian Union," said Secretary CGIL Landini, asking the government to go back. The former chief executive: "It's rude they go to the streets against 100, although they did not complain when Fornero law was made".

Rome, the unions on the streets against the government: "Let's let them work"

Slogans and choirs: "Less than social networks, more social status" – Multiple banners and slogan that accompanies a & # 39; march. "There is less to appear on social media, more social status", one of the things that are " emerge. "Managing our pensions", "the immediate law for inexperienced", "we're not your ATM", "there's only one race that is human", and # 39; other signage. There is no shortage of music and choirs, such as: "Time to change".

Landini (CGIL): "The government will return or suffer" – "It's better for the government to go back because of its disaster it will be a disaster," said Landini, who opened her & # 39; march. "I think it's a good day, the people who want to change, they want to be involved and are not happy with what a & # 39; going on, "he said. Then, from the Piazza San Giovanni level, he addressed "the people who rule this country and meet those who protest in other countries ":" If they receive information about listening to this section: we are the social change. "

Furlan (CISL): "The government comes out of real truth, changes course" – "The government comes out of real truth and falls into the world of work." This was expressed by CISL's general secretary, Annamaria Furlan, from the parade of the co-production, saying "the government needs to change the economic line: Italy is one step away from the economic downturn. , since after many years of the sacrifice of Italy, we can not allow the country to go back, and no one can solve problems so hard ".

Barbagallo (Uil): "The government is not self-favorable, the economy is going wrong" – "The government can not be self-favorable, too, because the economy is going badly. Open the rules" on the topics set out in the top unitary unit of Cgil, Cisl and Uil and "addressing the parties". This is what CEO leader Carmelo Barbagallo said, at the end of a trade union march. "The government does not change – said he – can not be worse, but for the better, we are ready to make our way to find the solutions" useful for the country.

Even companies in trade union marches: "Thought in the same way" – Business with the unions at the event because "we are all together, we are all concerned in the same way". The complaint, and the decision to participate in the trade unions' show, Starting from Confindustria Romagna where there is a strong concern to stop drills that the government sent to the case in the Semplificazioni dl. The entrepreneurs who came from Ravenna to make a march in paradise: there are thirty, others; from Basilicata, from companies in the Oil & Gas sector. They brought manifesto: "We invest in Italian natural gas, more pollute, less spending, more work, it's for Italian natural gas".

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